Why I’m Small

Hi, my name is Mason. I’m six-foot-five, and I’m a small person.

Most people think I’m very large. I certainly feel large sometimes, like when I try to walk through a doorway and it’s just a bit shorter than I am.

But think about it. Humans are small. Tiny, in fact. The earth’s diameter is about 502 million inches…I am 77 inches. This makes me 0.000015% as tall as the earth.

However, earth is tiny as well. The Milky Way Galaxy is about 590 quadrillion miles across, making the earth 0.0000000000013% the width of the galaxy. I’m about ten million times bigger compared to the earth, than the earth is compared to the galaxy.

Is the galaxy big, then? The estimated diameter of the observable universe is about 93 billion light years across, so the Milky Way at 100,000 would be 0.0001% the width of the universe.

That’s a more reasonable size for a big thing. It would only take 930,000 galaxies like ours to span the diameter of the entire universe as we know it.

Only about a million things that are each so indescribably huge compared to us that we cannot wrap our minds around the immensity.

In the grand scheme of things, the range of human height, from about two feet to about eight feet, is like the size difference between a honeybee and an ant. The windshield doesn’t care.

The earth doesn’t care.

The universe doesn’t care.


But people care, and that’s why it seems so significant. Honestly, we hardly look any different from each other. The only reason we see every person’s face as unique is because our incredible minds have a built-in Facial Feature Detector, which is far more precise than any computer software we have created.

Thus, we have inflated the differences in our minds, perhaps in part to help ourselves feel significant. A person who is five inches shorter than me is still 94% of my height, but it looks like a major difference.

In all our hate and selfishness, we focus so much on what makes us different and forget how incredibly similar we all are. That’s not to say our differences aren’t important—certainly they are useful in bringing variety and new ideas to our tiny spheres of life. But when talk goes beyond ourselves, especially when it comes to universal, absolute truth, the most important thing is this: every one of us is small.

We are all so tiny.

We are all the same.

So who am I? A person, like you, fighting the same human struggles and dreaming of the same happy endings. Let’s jump on the hippie train together.



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