Lord Dampnut vs The Free West

california-outline-and-flag-solidTrump thinks he can bully states into submission by threatening to take away their federal support. One problem: the states most likely to cross him are ones that receive less federal support than they pay in taxes. Cutting off California would be biting the hand that feeds his voting base in poor red states across the midwest and south. If the federal government stops sending money to California, then California may stop sending money to the federal government, and would suddenly have enough to replace all of that federal money and eliminate their debt in a year or two (ignoring other factors). Trump must be clueless about where his “federal money” comes from, or he simply doesn’t care about the people who voted for him.

This is why “alternative facts” are so dangerous. Trump’s loyal supporters are repeating his false claims that California sucks resources from the rest of the country in the form of welfare. This isn’t just false, it’s the complete opposite of reality. And since California intends to stand up to Trump’s bullying, he’s just perpetuating a social division that, taken to an extreme, could result in the west coast breaking off from the rest of the country. This stupidity and belligerence of Trump and his clueless supporters is the sort of thing that can fuel major geopolitical changes, and I don’t think they would like the outcome of this one. Chances are good that nobody would.

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Memorable Moments of 2016

As terrible as 2016 was for the world, I had a good time. A look back at my photos from the year tells an interesting and almost chaotic story. Here are the most unusual, exciting, and memorable moments from my 2016.


The night of New Year’s Eve 2015-2016 also featured a white elephant gift exchange in which I got a literal white elephant.

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Washington is Berning Again

This morning I attended my local caucus in Washington state, where seven rural precincts with a total of sixteen delegates went 16-0 for Bernie Sanders. I’m one of those sixteen, pledged to attend the legislative district caucus and county convention to represent my tiny town in support of Sanders.

The results from my beautiful county have been reported, and we had the highest margin win for Bernie of any county in the state: over 90 percent of the vote.

It’s a much better day than the one last August that choked us with smoke so thick the mountains half a mile away were invisible.

Washington bernie win.png