Cyanide & Happiness Generator

I once spent a serious amount of time on the delightful random comic generator by Cyanide & Happiness. Since it allows you to lock one or two panes and refresh the others, you can reduce the randomness and get some pretty great results. Here are some of mine.

8 Months LaterAre We FriendsBeautiful DayCharadesCheck Out My TitsCultDaughter's Hand In MarriageDivorceFacorite Disney SceneGay Marriage 01Gay Marriage 02Good Word 01Good Word 02Good Word 03How We Met 01How We Met 02It's Time We Become MenLast People On Earth 01Last People On Earth 02Last People On Earth 03Last People On Earth 04Long Lost FatherLook Behind YouMethParachutesPrayerRunning For PresidentSexSmell My FingerStop Flirting With MeThe Lord Made Woman 01The Lord Made Woman 02VaccinationsWhat Mom Used To Say 02You Gotta Help MeYou Made Me Do ThisI Hate YouI Heard Your Father Passed AwayCheck Out My Tits 02I Want To Wear Your FaceSuch A Negative PersonWhat's That SmellBest Brother In The WorldI Need More FriendsWait And DieWhat Mom Used To Say 03I Love YouI Might Be Gay 02Alone In The UniverseRobo-CompanionThe Meaning Of LifeI Just Lost 100 PoundsRestraining Order 02Robo-Companion 02You Should Exercise MorePromotionI Have Balls TooJust Need To Get My Dick WetFeeling Better TodayLast People On Earth 05Body SwitchDreamingDrugzRobo-Companion 03TerroristsFinally A ManGive Me Your WalletI'm Going To Be A DadRescueUnclean ThoughtsMr. PresidentDadAlcoholic, Terminal, and Gay