Invisible Unicorns and Clueless Teachers

I don't know what to say

I don’t know what to say.

Christians foretelling doom for me because I no longer believe is like someone insisting that any second now I’m going to be impaled by an invisible unicorn. “Any second! Well, just wait and see. Someday you’ll get a hole punched through your chest and you’ll wish you believed me.” I continue to live a normal life with no impalement and no reason to think there’s a vengeful invisible unicorn stalking me.

It’s been nearly seven months since I last wrote an article specifically about LGBT issues. The main reason is that for the past year I’ve been caught up in the fallout of leaving my childhood religion, which greatly overshadows my evil attraction to people of incorrect gender. But despite the rising acceptance of variations in gender identity and sexuality among some Christian groups, there are still plenty of people spreading vile opinions and publicizing their ignorance.

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The Supreme Court Ruling on Same-sex Marriage is Constitutional

The 14th Amendment is where it's at...equal rights for all Americans!

The 14th Amendment is where it’s at…equal rights for all Americans!

For all their whining about how wrong the Supreme Court was to say that two people of the same sex can get married, opponents of the ruling seem to have forgotten what religious and personal freedom really means in this country. They cry about the Constitution being ignored, thrown out, or misinterpreted, and also that the Constitution says nothing about marriage. Of course it doesn’t, because when America was founded the government had nothing to do with marriage–it wasn’t until the 20th century that they instituted marriage licenses, at least partly for the purpose of preventing mixed-race marriages.

In modern times, of course, conservatives who want to prevent LGBT people from marrying who they love have used the government’s involvement in marriage in the same way. Doing this is as “unconstitutional” as preventing people of different races from marrying.

To make this as simple as possible, let’s examine the cases of two individual people, and how their lives might be affected by the freedoms laid down by the Constitution and other founding documents of America.

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Rainbows and Happiness and Broken Friendships

America...finally following in the footsteps of some of the best countries in the world

America…finally following in the footsteps of some of the best countries in the world

On Friday I woke up in Olathe Kansas to the news that the Supreme Court finally ruled that state bans against same-sex marriage are unconstitutional. My news feed on Facebook quickly became overrun with rainbows and happiness, and it was wonderful.

And then the jerks came out. The happiness of others makes them sad, they said. Simply agreeing with the “homosexual agenda” makes you a satanic heretic, they said. You’re promoting sin and leading people to hell along with you, they said. God needs to hurt or break you so you’ll turn back to him, they said. Your mind is so warped, they said. Oh, and all of this love.

Love is defined by actions, by how you treat other people, and these statements are not loving. It isn’t loving to hurt people who believe differently. It isn’t loving to ignore everything we say and throw random bible verses and condemnation at us. Saying that you do it “out of love” does not help, it only calls into question your definition of love.

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Gender Identity and CAIS

Look, it's the transgender X chromosome!

Look, it’s the transgender X chromosome!

Recently a business called Planet Fitness hit the news after banning a woman who complained about a trans woman in the locker room. As you might expect, this prompted a scathing rant by Matt Walsh. It seems that Christian business owners are the only ones who should be allowed to turn away customers based on beliefs. If there is backlash against a Christian denying service to a gay couple, it’s persecution. But if Christians insult and attack other business owners for turning away customers based on beliefs…well, that’s just the way things should be. One could get the idea that if given the chance, these Christians would persecute LGBT people and allies just as much as they claim to be persecuted by liberals.

The woman who complained stated that if she knew about the gym’s policy on gender identity, she wouldn’t have signed up. It sounds like everyone got what they wanted. However, in the fantasy world concocted by the minds of Matt Walsh and people who agree with him, hell is where people who disagree with conservative Christians are allowed to live and run their businesses according to their beliefs. His nightmarish society is one where people he thinks are evil can do what they like as long as they don’t hurt anyone…kind of like he has the freedom to write and publish hateful insanity.

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Battle of the Cakes

That's quite enough fighting over dessert foods, dear.

“That’s quite enough fighting over dessert foods, dear.”

Bakeries, wedding cakes, Christians, and gay people. What do these have in common? They’re all involved in a pissing match over legal reasons to decline someone the service that you offer through your business.

I brought this up in one of my early articles, where I supported the rights of both sides. Of course I also think it is pointless and kind of mean to deny service to someone solely because you don’t like how they live their life. But the ethics of denying service can wait for another time.

Today I learned that some Christians decided to prove that gay people are just as intolerant by asking gay bakers to make a cake with the words gay marriage is wrong on it.

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An Honest Reading of the Bible: The Positive

Bible-in-lightLast week I covered every possible negative reference to same-sex relations in the Bible that I know of. Nobody has challenged me with any other passages yet. Today, I will analyze possible positive references.

Please keep in mind that these articles aren’t necessarily presenting anything as the correct interpretation, only a possible interpretation from an honest reading, one that isn’t affected by a subjective view based on the modern world. My intent is to prove that Christians can read the Bible honestly, without twisting anything, and come to the conclusion that same-sex relationships and marriage, at the very least, are morally fine. This is not intended to change the minds of people who think it is wrong, only to show that there’s no need to attack or condemn anyone who thinks it isn’t wrong. And that those who see nothing wrong with it are not necessarily “deceived” or “twisting the Bible” or “anti-God”.

Also, you cannot assume the following passages could not possibly be about gay people, simply because “the Bible condemns gayness”, because that would be basing your interpretation on an assumption that may not be true. Your opponents do not believe that the Bible condemns it, thus the argument means nothing to them.

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An Honest Reading of the Bible

I’ve been getting some really good article fodder recently. Today it came in the form of some absolute statements from someone who obviously believes they cannot possibly be wrong about this subject.

First statement: There is no denying the disgusting aspects of homosexual sex.

Okay. Why don’t you ask a gay person if they deny it? If they do, then your statement is untrue…unless you were trying to say that people who agree with me cannot deny how disgusting it is. That’s the only way your statement could make any sense, but then it’s sort of stating the obvious.

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