Dear Christians…

In a sense, none of you worship the same god. Every time one of you tries to introduce me to your god, you present me with a more-or-less unique one that just happens to match your own personal sense of morality. You contradict many other gods that I’ve already been assured are the “one true god”, and then act like I’m unreasonable to dismiss your own “one true god” despite giving me no way to distinguish him from any other imaginary god.

You all use the same bad excuses and fallacious arguments. Many of you demand that I justify my lack of belief by disproving your god, as if I’m obligated to accept every unsubstantiated claim until I’m able to prove it wrong. When you tell me that I’ll burn in hell if I don’t believe in your god, I laugh because someone else with a different god made the same threat last week. I can’t believe both, so I suppose I’ll end up in hell no matter what.

Why are you defending a real god with the same arguments people use to prop up imaginary ones? I keep pointing this out, over and over, and you never listen. I explain in great detail why your excuses are not convincing, and even how you could demonstrate the truth of your claims.

But you never listen. You just keep blindly defending your personal gods and refusing to give me any reason to think any of them are real. If the argument you’re using failed to convince me that Allah is real when a Muslim used it, why do you think the outcome will be any different when you use it? All you are doing is proving that your god is as imaginary as theirs.

The uncomfortable truth for most of you is that if your gods existed, we wouldn’t be having this debate. Most Christian gods are defined in such a way that their existence would be detectable, testable, and provable, if not downright obvious. I’ve come up with plenty of simple experiments that could demonstrate the reality of your gods and you always refuse to participate, even though your only alternative is demonstrating that your god is imaginary by using dishonest excuses to get out of substantiating your claims.

This isn’t as complicated or difficult a subject as most people pretend. We all know that not all gods can be real, since most exclude the existence of others by definition. Thus, when you try to defend the reality of your god, you have only two options. You can demonstrate that you are no different than everyone who follows false gods by using the same tired old arguments, or you can demonstrate that your god is real with actual tangible evidence. But you never even attempt the latter; you all seem deathly afraid of trying, as if you already expect the outcome will not support your beliefs.

If you’re still not understanding the severity of your predicament, let’s do a brief thought experiment. Imagine that 100 people all claim to be the richest person in the world. Instantly, because of the nature of the claim, you know that at least 99 of them are lying. Now, imagine that you ask them to prove it, and every single one of them uses the same excuses for why they can’t. Even if you assume one of them is truly the richest person in the world, you still have no way to determine who it is. However, someone who has a legitimate claim to the title of richest person would have no need for the same excuses as 99 liars, and therefore the only reasonable conclusion is that all 100 of them are lying.

This is exactly the situation I’m in regarding theism. I realized that all 100 people were using the same bad arguments to prop up various mutually incompatible gods, and I was one of them. So I set out in search of a real god, and quickly found…nothing. I am quite confident that I have never met someone who follows a real god, because if I did, they would stand out like a floodlight of honesty among the masses of liars.


2 responses to “Dear Christians…

  1. This … when you try to defend the reality of your god, is virtually impossible because any acceptance and/or belief in a god is totally through feelings. There is simply NO hard evidence that can prove any deity exists. God-believers can argue until the sun cools off but unless the supernatural entity they believe in appears in bodily form, they can offer nothing more than words.


    • Words can be useful in the right context. When someone claims to be directly connected to an omniscient mind that gives them access to knowledge they otherwise couldn’t possibly have, I like to pick up a random object from my desk and ask them to tell me what I’m holding. Of course, they always refuse to answer. Which is strange…here is someone who wants me to believe in their god, and claims that their god also wants me to believe, and claims that their god is omniscient and communicates directly with them…and yet both they and their god refuse to answer a very simple question that could shake the foundation of my worldview.

      That’s the biggest problem with claims of all-powerful omniscient gods who want to be believed. If such a god existed, it would be trivial to prove because he would have the power and the desire to provide the evidence he already knows would convince me to believe, whether directly or through his followers. The fact that I haven’t received such assurance after a decade of honest searching is one of the main reasons I lost my religion in the first place. The only possibilities compatible with my observations are: gods don’t care what I believe, gods aren’t omniscient, gods aren’t omnipotent, or gods simply don’t exist.

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