Western Road Trip, Day 7

Today’s miles: 925 (Total: 3840.7)

This morning I crossed almost the entire state of Nevada and arrived in the Reno area before noon. I stopped along the way for a brief soak in a natural hot spring pool, which was lovely. It had views of the mountains in every direction.


I know I promised Crater Lake tomorrow, but I checked the weather there and it was forecast to be 29-38 degrees and snowing, which would not be an improvement on the cold and foggy weather the first time I visited in May 2015. I’ll have to go back in July or August. It’s not too far from home, so it would make a good weekend trip.

I realized that without Crater Lake on the route, there was no reason not to go straight home, so I did. In the process I set a one-day driving distance record for myself, this time actually measured. The last record was an estimated 900 miles from central Oklahoma to Flagstaff, AZ, which I did in my Porsche with my mother along for the ride. Today’s trip shatters my previous record for a solo drive, which was 829 miles on the second day of my road trip in June 2016.

I tried going to the Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon for dinner, but I arrived at 6 pm on a Friday. The wait for a table was half an hour, so I went to the bar and got a beer. I intended to wait for someone to leave and sit down to order food, but the people who were boxing up their food just kept sitting there afterward, with half-drank beers and no sign of leaving. More people kept pouring in, and the noise quickly got overwhelming. I hadn’t eaten since early morning and my hands were shaking badly. So I guzzled my beer and ran across the street to a seafood restaurant that was almost empty and got seafood alfredo pasta instead.

Then I drove home. I’m very happy I get to stretch out in my actual bed tonight.



2 responses to “Western Road Trip, Day 7

  1. Sounds like you had a great time and visited some pretty awesome places. I enjoyed being able to “ride along” with you.

    BTW, I’m from Oregon as well, currently in Cave Junction but moving to the Roseburg area at the end of August.


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