Western Road Trip, Day 6

Today’s miles: 586.6 (Total: 2915.6)

I started my day with a quiet and spectacular early morning tour of the Grand Canyon’s south rim, right after sunrise. Hardly anyone else was around, a much more pleasant environment than the tourist crowds of yesterday afternoon.


Then I embarked on a nearly five hour drive to Bryce Canyon in Utah. Along the way I stopped at a trading post run by the local natives, with a lot of beautiful handmade goods. I only bought some food for lunch and a packet of cactus seeds, but I quite enjoyed looking at the huge variety of items they offered.

In May 2005, my family took a road trip that included Bryce Canyon, but our arrival there coincided with an enormous thundersnowstorm which enveloped the place in fog and torrential wet snow blobs. Sadly, we had to move on. So now, twelve years after first visiting, I’ve finally seen Bryce Canyon.



Another three hour drive brought me to Great Basin National Park in eastern Nevada, which is an awesome little park. Entry is free (not that it would make any difference to me with my pass), and it was far less crowded than most of the other places I’ve been. Their campgrounds even had available spots.

It was there that I reached the highest elevation of this trip, a little over 10,000 feet on the north side of Wheeler Peak, which is just over 13,000 feet at the summit and the second highest mountain in Nevada by a mere 82 feet.


My stop for the night was another hour away, and when I arrived in the little town of Ely I was very hungry, so I had a heaping plate of delicious fried rice at a Chinese restaurant. Now I’m parked at a truck stop. I love staying at small town or rural truck stops…just look at the view from my tailgate:



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