Western Road Trip, Day 5

Today’s miles: 436.6 (Total: 2329)

My first stop today was the Hoover Dam, which is so close to Las Vegas I was there a full hour before it opened even though I loitered at an IHOP for a while and mooched off their wi-fi to download more podcasts. That was fine with me, as I just wanted to drive over it, take some pictures, and be on my way. I got a souvenir at the next gas station.


I departed Nevada (again) and headed out to the meteor crater in Arizona. Their admission price is kind of steep at $18, but whatever, it’s one of those places you only need to visit once.


I bought a piece of the meteor that made the crater and a few awesome fossils and crystals from their rock shop. I’ll post pictures of all the cool stuff I’ve acquired in a summary of the trip after I get home.

Then I backtracked about 60 miles to the exit for the Grand Canyon, and for most of the drive from I-40 to the park I was stuck in an enormous line of vehicles behind someone who seemed to think it was reasonable to go 15-20 mph below the limit on an almost perfectly straight road and never pull over.

But it wasn’t very far, and I got to Grand Canyon Village a little after 3 pm. The first thing I did upon arriving at my campground was take a much needed shower. Then I went out to Mather Point and took some pictures.


I decided I’m going to combine the next two days into one, so I’ll get home Saturday and have an extra day to rest before going back to work. Originally the plan was to hike a trail into the canyon in the morning, and spend much of Thursday exploring here, but I’m too tired and sore for that.

So instead, tomorrow will be a long day with a little more of the Grand Canyon, and then two more awesome parks. Friday will be mostly just driving, and Saturday will bring us to Crater Lake and the end of the journey.


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