Western Road Trip, Day 2

Today’s miles: 477.2 (Total: 1140.6)

One of the most awesome things about today is the sheer variety. A short 100-mile drive got me to San Francisco before 7:30 in the morning, and I visited a viewpoint over the Golden Gate Bridge and then drove across it and relaxed on a beach for a while.


Then I went from sea level at 9 am to about 8000 feet by 5 pm. But first, a long boring drive across California.

I stopped at a rock and mineral shop in the middle of nowhere and bought a few fossils.

I stopped at a seedy restaurant for a drink and some crappy food.

At last I arrived at Yosemite National Park and got stuck in an incredibly slow line of cars that took half an hour to move a couple miles. One tiny silver lining: I was able to take a bunch of cool pictures from my truck while waiting to move forward another twenty feet.


After a way-too-long tour of the valley, I headed up to Glacier Point, which was much nicer, less crowded. I got some pictures and then sat there for a while.



I departed Yosemite about dinner time, totally forgot about dinner, and drove to a Walmart in Sonora, CA. There I bought a new air mattress because once again I forgot to let air out of my old one before climbing 8000 feet of elevation.

Now I’m at the Applebee’s across from Walmart with beer and mozzarella sticks, because it’s happy hour and I’m hungry.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Nevada for a bit before returning to California for one more night here. The brief visit to Nevada isn’t by choice; blame the crazy winter that dumped 77% more snow than normal on the mountains. The high passes aren’t clear yet, so I have to go all the way up to Lake Tahoe to get around them.


2 responses to “Western Road Trip, Day 2

  1. ” … a long boring drive across California”? I find that hard to believe unless you were driving I-5. Had you gone down the coast, I highly doubt you would have described it as boring.

    It’s too bad you couldn’t have taken Highway 120 through Yosemite up to Tuolumne Meadows (I know, closed due to snow). It’s a really beautiful drive. Maybe next time?


    • I drove down the coast from Newport, OR to San Francisco, but then I had to cut across near Sacramento, go down 99 for a while, and that’s pretty much my least favorite sort of drive. I’ve also been in the central valley plenty of times so there’s nothing new.

      My original plan was to take 120. Someday I’m sure I’ll get back there. Always nice to have an excuse to visit a national park again. 😀

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