Western Road Trip, Day 1

I needed to get away. So after driving 663.4 miles today, I’m now sleeping in the back of my truck in a Walmart parking lot in Ukiah, California.

Over the past six months or so, partly because of gloomy weather and partly because of my weird brain, I sort of fell into a rut. I suppose political and religious tension also played a part, as I found life increasingly tiring and withdrew even more into my little bubble of elements and books and weed.

So one of my goals for my big solo road trip this year is to use it as a sort of springboard for change. I need to be less of a hermit. I need more structure so I don’t focus exclusively on a single obsession while ignoring everything else.

The first day of my western adventure went well. I drove to Newport on the Oregon coast, and then took highway 101 south. I stopped at several beaches, drove among enormous redwood trees, and collected some cool rocks.

It was a long but relatively uneventful and relaxing day, with a lot of beautiful views and a few hours spent on various beaches. Here are some things I saw:


One of the great things about solo road trips is how you’re forced to occupy yourself for hours on end by either thinking or listening to things. It’s a good opportunity to learn new things, or figure out where your life is headed once you get home.

I’ve got eight more days of figuring ahead of me. Hopefully it all goes as smoothly as today.


2 responses to “Western Road Trip, Day 1

    • I started from home in the Columbia River Gorge. Stops along the way include Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Death Valley, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Great Basin, and Crater Lake. Stick around to see the rest of it as I go!


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