I’m a Creator and Explorer, not a Critic

Even this simple view of a creek is more meaningful and beautiful to me than anything offered by any religion I know of.

I’m tired of thinking about religion. It’s an easy subject to write about since it consumed my life for the first 22 years of my existence, and I still have many friends and family members who are devout Christians. That’s why it’s very often on my mind, but I’ve moved on. It’s no longer important to my life, and going forward I plan to write about it much less. I will continue to address specific issues as they come up, but religion and politics are far from my favorite subjects.

Instead, I plan to spend more time exploring the things that are meaningful to me. Dozens of unfinished fictional stories and ideas are calling for attention, one of my goals for this year is to finally put together a complete album of my original music, and science provides endless fascinating possibilities for non-fiction writing. Having been to all of the 48 contiguous states after my road trip last summer, I plan to visit Alaska and Hawaii soon and then travel the world, so those adventures will provide a lot of material. In addition, I have numerous personal and entrepreneurial projects that I plan to share, as well as ongoing updates on my vehicles (recently I traded away the Justy and brought home my 30th car).

As you’ve probably noticed, I thrive on variety. To help with that I’m reviving my YouTube channel, which will add a more in-depth visual element to my adventures than pictures can provide. I already have a video up from my road trip last year, and I just uploaded this short video about a few of the things I saw and did on Sunday:

Some bismuth crystals that I made are currently available in my eBay store, along with numerous other items. I have a few sets of elements ranging from 44 to 68 samples, individual elements, and several other things like knives, rings, and electronics. If you contact me directly at lynchthemasonjar@gmail.com, I can offer prices 10% lower than my eBay listings.

Coming up in the next couple months:

  • I’m taking a road trip in early June to visit a bunch of western national parks, like Yosemite, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Great Basin, and more.
  • My Porsche is running now, so with the incessant rain finally letting up I can get it ready to drive and make a video to show off all the cool upgrades.
  • I have a few hundred grams of homemade pewter, which I’ll be using to make some jewelry or other small items to sell.
  • I’ve been working on music, both new and old, with the goal of finally assembling a complete album by the end of 2017. Some music will be available before the album on my YouTube channel.

I also plan to set up on Patreon and hopefully transition my day job to part time while doing more freelance work. As a consumer of media, what are you most interested in? What would catch your attention and keep you coming back for more? What would you feel is worth a small monthly donation?



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