Thing Creation: Small Things

Sometimes creativity isn’t a concerted effort, or a time-consuming project. Sometimes you just have an idea, and a few minutes later you have a new thing, freshly created.

One day not too long ago, I decided I wanted a pi poster, but didn’t feel like spending money on it. So instead I opened up Microsoft Word, pasted in a million digits of pi that I downloaded from the internet, and shrunk the text size down to 1.5 point. Only about a quarter of the digits fit on one page, so this is what I ended up with:


I keep a magnifying glass hanging on one of the pins, so when people visit they can look at the tiny numbers.


Another of my recent spontaneous creations is this minuscule but fully-functional magnifying glass, which I made from a paperclip and a lens out of a DVD drive that I took apart:


Some small things take a lot more time to create. Since I’m planning to repaint my Porsche at some point, and the old model badge is a decal, I decided to design and make my own custom metal badge rather than buy another boring decal. First I mocked it up in, then drew a model in Solidworks, and finally sent the files to the manager at our metal shop to be cut on the laser CNC.


I got six of them cut out of 1/16th inch steel so I can experiment with different finishes, and I’m very happy with the design. The numbers are based on the original Porsche 924 badge, and the design of the S comes from the 944S, which donated the engine that’s now in my car. My personal touch was stretching the S vertically and extending it below the numbers.


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