Thing Creation: Dresser Transformation

After moving to the other side of my town about a year ago, I no longer had a dresser. In search of something unique, I stopped by a used furniture store and an old lightweight dresser caught my eye. It had pastel colors and stickers all over it, but that’s not what I was interested in. What I saw was the potential. Also, it was on sale.


It would take a lot of work to re-purpose this dresser. First, I had to strip off all the stickers and old paint. Overly enthusiastic applications of acetone ate into the thick paint and turned it into an easily scraped pile of sticky goo, with approximately the texture of Jello.


But that was just the beginning. I spent hours sanding it down after that, because bits of paint still remained and as soon as they got warm, they’d smear instead of coming off. After sanding, I added some screws, staples, and wood glue to weak points. Then I put on a coat of primer, and just barely managed to add two coats of black before I ran out of paint. I left the colored handles as they were to keep it interesting.


It turned out pretty good, although the paint is rough in places. Eventually I plan to sand it lightly, add another layer of paint, and then a clear coat.



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