Thing Creation: CNC Power

I work at a company that manufactures display cabinets, so I have access to a nearly endless supply of scrap wood, as well as two CNC machines and whatever tools I could want. So when I need a new piece of simple furniture, I can ask one of the project managers to modify a digital drawing they already have, then run it on the CNC, and in minutes I have a pile of parts ready to assemble.

The first thing I made was a giant bookshelf. Since I have several hundred books that I’ve already read, and hundreds more that I haven’t read, I wanted a bookshelf that could hold up to 400 books. But at the time I had a very small room, so it couldn’t be more than 26 inches wide. Here is what I came up with:


There are a few important features that make this bookshelf capable of holding a large number of books. The shelves are slanted to shift the center of gravity back, and they’re twelve inches deep which allows for two rows of books. The overall height is about 6′ 7″, and the shelves are adjustable to one-inch increments.

My next CNC-powered project was a replacement desk, since my old one was wobbly and gross. It’s nice and simple, just four parts and a few screws. I made it just wide enough to hold the upper section of my old desk, since I always need more horizontal surfaces for my stuff.


The one downside of furniture like this is a side effect of its durability. The wood is quite heavy, so while my old desk was light enough for me to easily carry around on my own, this new one is a lot more awkward. Even more awkward was carrying the bookshelf up the stairs on my back, like a turtle shell. Aside from that, it’s probably the best free furniture I could get.


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