Thing Creation: Made by Beavers, Decorated by Man

This one is at least eight years old. It’s a staff made of wood chewed on by beavers, and I think I made it sometime before I turned 18.


I started with a long piece of wood that I found by our swimming hole in the river, which had been cleaned and trimmed by beavers. I did no additional carving or sanding, simply used it as the beavers made it. The evidence of their craftsmanship is most visible on the bottom end:


I cut a V shape into the thick end, shortening the stick to under six feet long. Into that end I drilled a hole, and then anchored a pale amethyst crystal with hardening clay. I acquired some rectangular glass beads, carved out holes to inset them below the V, and glued them on.


At about the middle of the staff, I used my wood burning tool to write some words in two of Tolkien’s languages. I forgot what exactly it means, but it’s a name I constructed for a wizard using the language appendices in the Silmarillion.


All that remained was some wood stain, paint, and a coat of clear lacquer. Ever since, I’ve had this giant impractical staff lying around, too heavy to use as a walking stick and too special to sell or give away.


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