Adventuring in No Man’s Sky

Despite its flaws, I have greatly enjoyed playing No Man’s Sky. In general I tend to dislike video games, so it’s rare that I’ll play one for more than an hour or two total. I have over 50 hours into No Man’s Sky since it came out in August, because I like to have a little weed and settle into my leather Recaro seat and start exploring a never-ending universe, and thus lose track of time.

I’ve built a nice collection of screenshots from my adventures, so I went through and picked out my favorites to share with you. Enjoy!

My first ship in my first game, parked for the night on high ground with a magnificent view.

I think I might have named this planet Goldilocks because the previous two were extremely hot and extremely cold.

Let’s fly straight into a black hole! What could go wrong?


After I got my second ship, I took this nice picture of it with a giant levitating crab monster.

This was a very cool planet. Deep blue/purple skies and arches everywhere. It reminded me of Arches National Park, which I visited in June during my road trip.

Just a random planet with red skies.

This planet was fun, lots of color and lots of water.

The galactic map is pretty cool. I spent quite a bit of time flying through it, toward the center of the galaxy, which I reached quickly thanks to an extended hyperdrive mod.

And then I discovered what’s at the center of the galaxy…another galaxy!

Just another planet with steamy craters and a green sky.

I like this creature because it looks so judgmental. “You don’t look like you’re from around here, stranger. What gives?”

I try to get pictures of all the really interesting animals I discover, but usually they don’t turn out very well. This one has its tail sticking into the ground.

My third ship is beautiful. It’s also a badass in pirate battles. Nobody can take me down.

Having some fun with PC mods, I ended up surrounded by giant mushroom trees.

This is where everything changed. The big update came out, and I upgraded my computer to handle higher-level graphics.

My first planet after the update. It’s beautiful.

This is a fertile land and we will thrive. We will rule over all this land, and we will call it…This Land!

Oh yeah, This Land has giant beasts. And if you look closely, you can see I named the planet Cannabis. The system is called Dab. I’ve since visited the rest of the planets in the system, all of which were terribly inhospitable. I named them Cocaine, Meth, and Acid, and then returned home to Cannabis.

On my new home planet I found a habitable base in a spectacular location and set up camp.

It’s like this in every direction. I can’t believe how lucky I got with such a perfect spot.


I got my hands on an unlimited jetpack mod and flew away to get some nice shots from space.

With my jetpack I got high enough to snap a picture of my entire island. I suppose it’s kind of two islands joined by an isthmus.

Well, I’m stuck in orbit now without my spaceship. Guess that’s what I get for cheating the system.

I call these tripledick trees. Because I’m so mature.

This was a beautiful planet where everything will kill you.

Seriously, I almost killed myself taking this picture.

And then this creep danced along and attacked me with his dangly fingers of death. Which ticked off the sentinels for no apparent reason and I had to flee the planet before getting a better picture.

Head-on reentry!

This one’s a funny story. I was meandering around my backyard, collecting resources, and then the sentinels got upset. I ran into a cave before the whole squadron arrived, so I only had to kill one of them. The rest were stuck outside, trying to get at me through the ground. So instead of leaving my cave, I got out my plasma grenades and blew a tunnel right back to my base.

So there I was, digging my tunnel while the sentinels freaked out up above. It was a great time.

When I got to the end, the sentinels had calmed down and weren’t hunting me anymore, but now I have a tunnel from my base to a nearby cave, which is pretty awesome.

Then I climbed out and found the deactivated squadron staring straight into the ground where I had been. So I walked around them, took some pictures, and laughed.

I expanded my base and then found some flowers sprouting through the floor.

Just another early morning shot from my front yard.

And here’s my slightly expanded base.

With the update you now get three separate game modes, so I started a new one in creative mode and built myself a nice big base with a lot of windows.

At this point I was running against the limits of the base complexity, but I could do so much more…

So I found a way to remove the building limit and made myself a tower with two landing pads and an observation room.

I had to stand back among the cobra trees to get a picture of the whole base. I’d like to build a massive 3D maze, but the first time I tried that I kept getting lost in it.

This ship is visiting my spectacular tower. I’m sure the pilot will enjoy relaxing in my observation room.

The roof of the observation room can also serve as an observation deck, allowing you to walk right up to the edge (and fall off, like I did once).

I had fun combining state names with random words to name some of the star systems I discovered:

  • New Mexicopious
  • Tenneseequel
  • Utahlkintoomee
  • Nevatican (Planet: Brothel)
  • Carolinus
  • Mississipping
  • Oklahomosexual
  • Alaskamania
  • Illinoisy
  • Wisconsinner
  • Kansassy
  • Arizonatrium (Planet: Crater)
  • Wyomingling (Planet: Devil’s Planet)
  • Idahorrific
  • Oregonads
  • Arkansawzall
  • Californication
  • Montanningbed
  • Vermontana
  • Delawareness (Planet: Wilmington)

I also had fun in other ways:

  • Subtext (Planet: V)
  • Goldstone (Planets: Orwell and Baked Potato)
  • Americane (Planet: New New New New New New York)
  • Ludwig Van (Planet: Beet Oven)
  • Wutaloss
  • Gaggenheim
  • The Wild West (Planet: Motherlode)
  • Jabberwocky (Planet: Wonderland)
  • Septum (Planet: Booger)
  • Callmeishmael
  • Hitherto
  • Lackadoodle
  • Hithere (Planet: Ohi)
  • Chanterelle (Planet: Mushroomoon)
  • Vitamin (Planet: A)
  • Franciscohabitation
  • Overland
  • Overhereland
  • Overthereland
  • Facemelt (Planet: Dermis)
  • Canadunk
  • Cancel (Planet: Cancer)
  • Accept
  • Freak
  • Warpage
  • Dodecahedron (Planet: Eerie)
  • Ubiquity (Planet: Nom)
  • Horrible Mistake

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