Thing Creation

This is not a Lego set. I don't even have directions for building it. To create this Porsche 911 Turbo out of Legos, I found a design someone else did online, built it with my own modifications in Lego's digital designer program, and then ordered all the pieces.

This is not a Lego set. I don’t even have instructions for building it. To create this Porsche 911 Turbo, I found a design someone else did online, built it with my own modifications in Lego’s digital designer program, and then ordered all the pieces individually. I then put it together differently with some extra pieces from my box of loose Lego bricks.

I love creating things. It’s the reason I wrote somewhere around 1.5 million words of fiction in about two years, before I got a full time job. Lately I haven’t done as much writing, but I have been creating other things. Some are major ongoing projects, which I’ll write about as I finish them. To kick off the series, though, here are several simpler things I recently created.

Mineral Galaxy

I wanted to do something artistic with a collection of polished and rough minerals I’ve obtained over the years, and this is what I came up with. The background fabric is suede leather from an old jacket of mine that got torn. The circular piece in the center is a cluster of crystals I grew myself (from a kit), and it glows in the dark. Some of the other stones include fluorite, amethyst, citrine, tiger’s eye, clear quartz, turquoise, hematite, coal, obsidian, and several I haven’t identified. I’ve had some of them for almost two decades.


Hard Drive Enclosure Shelf

One day at work I used an unneeded hard drive enclosure, a Windows 7 installation CD, and some random hardware to make a shelf for my wallet, keys, and other small items.



Pewter casting of a pin

While perusing Etsy recently I stumbled across this pin, made in the 1980s by a popular American company called Jonette Jewelry. I bought it and used casting sand to make a replica with homemade pewter, which is tin with about 1% copper dissolved in it to increase hardness. Trimming, filing, and sanding the replica by hand took a few hours.




Recaro Desk Chair

Several years ago I bought a black leather Recaro Sport seat for my Porsche 924S. Such a seat costs around $1500 new, but I got a used one in perfect condition for less than $700. Recently I found a cheap 944 with original Porsche sport seats, and put those in my 924S, and also my desk chair broke. So I turned my comfortable Recaro into a new desk chair with the help of some 2×4 pieces, a square of plywood, and four casters, all of which I found around the house. I was hoping to attach it to the base from my old desk chair, but that made it too high for even my long legs. As it is, it makes sitting at my computer quite nice.



I’m considering putting some items on Etsy. If any of these things I make strike you as a thing you’d like to buy, please leave a comment to let me know. Or just give me general feedback about what sort of things you’d be interested in buying. I have a lot of ideas, so stick around to see more creativity.


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