Christianity Cares More About Belief than People

To anyone who spent any time in Christianity and then left, the title of this article is likely obvious. When I left, I was told things like “nothing in your life matters except believing in Jesus”. All my life I’ve watched Christians shun each other for believing slightly different things. I grew up hardly knowing many of my cousins or one of my grandmothers for that reason. The examples of Christians putting a higher value on beliefs than people are never-ending.

I watched another case unfold in Oklahoma recently. It all started when an atheist attempted to donate $100 to the Murrow Indian Children’s Home, which is run by Christians, and his donation was refused. He offered more, and more. He set up a fundraiser on GoFundMe and raised over $28,000. I contributed to it, along with many other atheists and some Christians who aren’t insane. Still, since beliefs are more important than children to some people, the donation was once again refused. (The figure of $5,106.47 includes his original donation of $100, the $6.47 they spent to mail it back to him, plus an extra $5,000.)

atheist fundraiser

Lest anyone think that the Murrow Indian Children’s Home is in a good position to be refusing donations of many thousands of dollars, behold this screenshot I took from Facebook this morning:

childrens home

The money raised by the atheists’ fundraiser ended up going to a secular organization that will undoubtedly be far more helpful for children than Christian indoctrination.

After all that, a Christian set up a fundraiser for Murrow, with negative comments about atheists who donate money. It got even more ridiculous when atheists began donating to that fundraiser and it was almost immediately shut down.

It appears that these people chose feeding their dislike of atheists over taking care of children. I can’t say I’m surprised–most Christianity in America today is all about condemning everyone else and feeling superior in its “knowledge of the truth”, and cares very little about the people whose lives it damages. Often the damage is seen as acceptable collateral in the fight to drag people into an imaginary afterlife of bliss. Who cares if your life on earth is destroyed, when you’ve got eternal life ahead of you?

Of course, they completely refuse to establish that this afterlife is a real thing in the first place. It just has to be, because that’s what they believe, and beliefs are the most important thing. Not people, not lives, just the collection of abstract ideas that they hold inside their minds. They like to use the analogy of a truck, like we’re about to be run over in the road and they’re shoving us out of the way. But Christianity is driving the truck it claims to be saving you from.

Almost every message I receive from Christians about religion focuses on how lost I am, how they know the truth, and so on. Very few of them ever listen to anyone else, because why would you listen to people who you already believe are evil? Beliefs are the most important thing, after all.


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