A Tour of the Lynch Cave

IMG_4524I live in one of the oldest houses in my town, a five-bedroom place with hardwood floors that was built in 1940, just a few years after the town began as a construction community alongside the dam.

My corner of the house has some wonderful quirks, due to the age and its position in the upstairs southwest corner. For example, the door doesn’t fit quite right and the knob doesn’t turn, so it sticks shut via friction. I actually like it this way–instead of fumbling with the knob when I have my hands full, I can just shove it open with my shoulder.

In the first corner, I have an armchair, a giant loaded bookshelf that currently holds only half of my books, and a wizard staff I made years ago. The sole light fixture in the room is right behind the chair, which makes it the perfect spot for reading.

Bedroom 2

My second corner contains a glorious queen-sized mattress to accommodate my humongous self, under a slanted ceiling. Beside it is a mahogany nightstand which has one small drawer that contains all my knives, easily accessible in case of nighttime threats or sudden cheese cravings.

I also have an antique dresser that was formerly all pastel colors and covered in kids’ stickers. A generous application of acetone turned the ancient paint into slime and I refinished the dresser with black spray paint. I kept the colored handles.

I spy: pi, a Rubik's cube, and chess pieces

The room has two windows; one provides a view of the mountains on the Oregon side of the river, and the other frames an 850-foot-tall monolith. The desk where I spend way too much time on my computer is right between them, in my third corner, and during the summer I use a TARDIS blanket to help the thin curtains fend off intense afternoon sunlight. Lego Batman watches over me while I sleep, and a wonderful piece of art by my brother hangs beside the desk.

Bedroom 3

The fourth corner holds my precious piano, which is always loaded with music books and a small statue of Frederic Chopin. Above the piano is my magnificent Firefly poster featuring Captain Mal’s quote from the end of Serenity, and Nathan Fillion’s actual autograph that I got when I met him in Seattle. I also have a fifth corner, but it’s tiny and useless.

Bedroom 4

But wait! There’s more. I also have two closets. The main closet is a walk-in and has a wooden ladder to the attic. It contains my clothing, and weapons such as a machete, a .357 revolver, a crossbow, and a frying pan I found in a river. I also put a blacklight in there. Party time in the closet!

Bedroom 5

The second closet is over the stairs, so it starts halfway up. In there you’ll find a lot of Legos, several non-piano instruments, camping gear, and more. This closet also contains a very cool ongoing project that you will be hearing about someday soon.

Bedroom 7


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