Fuel Injected Freedom: Gold, Sport Seats, and Giant Googly Eyes

IMG_6075I have another Porsche story to tell. This one starts with a 1901 US $5 gold coin, and it will probably end with profit. But first, I have to tell an old story about the time I got a 1984 Porsche 944 for free.

On my 22nd birthday in October 2013, I happened upon a post on the Rennlist forums by a guy in Portland, saying he wrecked his 944 and whoever could haul it away within a couple days would get it for free. Otherwise, it would be scrapped.

I’d recently bought a $900 Chevy pickup so I borrowed a trailer hitch from a coworker, a trailer from a different coworker, and the next day I hauled my free Porsche home.

The damage from hitting a guardrail was limited to the front passenger side, where the tire had a giant hole, the strut was broken, and the fender smashed. I picked up a used strut assembly off Craigslist, hammered out the fender as much as I could, and put on a spare wheel I had lying around. Then I drove the car for a little while until I traded it for a rifle worth about $600.

Back to 2016: I recently turned some of my savings into gold by winning eBay auctions for old US coins at close to their melt value. Then another beat up 1984 944 showed up on Craigslist with rare original leather sport seats, and the seller said he had to get rid of it before moving to California or it would be scrapped. I offered a gold coin for it, because those sport seats alone are worth more than the coin, and he accepted.

I think I'll put these seats in my 924S

I think I’ll put these seats in my 924S

When I arrived to collect the car with my $9000 Tacoma and a tow dolly (a bit of an upgrade over my previous car-hauling rigs), I was surprised to find that the seller was the same dude from the 2013 story. He’d kept the second 944 all along, having bought it as a parts car for his previous one before the wreck. It’s similarly rough, and hasn’t run for several months, but I’m always happy to rescue another 944 from the junkyard…at least temporarily.

As if my day wasn’t already strange enough after buying a Porsche with a 115-year-old $5 gold coin from a guy who gave me a free Porsche three years ago, I also stopped for gas at a station I never use (because my usual fuel stop lost their internet and couldn’t process debit transactions), and I happened to end up right behind my parents’ next-door neighbor. Then I went to the auto parts store to get a battery for the 944 and saw a coworker there.

I’m attempting to get this car running. Whether I’m successful or not, I plan to keep a few parts and sell the rest rather than parting it out entirely. Due to its condition, it may still end up at a junkyard, but at least the sport seats will take their rightful place in my increasingly unique 924S.

So where do giant googly eyes come into the story? Right here:

1984 Porsche 944


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