Mason Lynch Rambles at Facebook: Episode 4


Today’s free advertisement goes to Mostly Hats, a small shop in Long Beach, WA that sells mostly hats, as their name indicates. It’s a wonderful place.

What’s on my mind, Facebook?

This evening I was on my porch, which has a clear view of one disc golf goal and two starting points. People come by all the time.

Today a clean-cut guy in a baseball cap strolled along, pushing what looked like a legitimate baby stroller, and he stood like a statue of some Roman emperor surveying the land. He surveyed for a long moment, and then took a disc from the back pouch of the stroller.

Facing the grassy expanse once again, the man paused, and the wind intensified. He put the disc away and pulled out a different one.

Then he turned, aimed, and with glorious talent flicked the disc straight and low across the park; it had no curve, no wobble, no discernible effect from the wind. It flew like a streak of orange, a miniature flying saucer from another planet.

As if this sort of thing is normal where he comes from, the man did no fist-pump, no victory dance, but only pushed his baby stroller and strolled away.

I also played in the Pacific Ocean today and photographed a complete jellyfish with visible innards. Allow me to share that photograph with you, Facebook. Are you entertained by what is on my mind? Are you entertained?



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