The Great American Road Trip – Day 14

Last night in Wyoming was really cold. When I woke up it was 45 degrees and the low for today was 34. I stayed warm enough, though the cold did interrupt my sleep.

I left quickly after I woke up, using the heater for the first time, and drove down to Jackson, WY and over Teton Pass into Idaho. I spent most of the day on rural highways rather than interstates, so my view of the mountains was up close and majestic. I also saw a badger by the road somewhere in Idaho.


My main stop today was Craters of the Moon National Monument, a very alien-looking volcanic landscape. It’s evading description, so have some pictures:




I’m now 331 miles from home, but tomorrow’s drive will be closer to 375 because I’m at a campground in Oxbow, OR that’s 22 miles from Hells Canyon. There is no phone service here but the campground has terribly crappy wi-fi that has trouble uploading my images. If you see a picture below these words, then I have succeeded. Also if you see pictures above these words. If you see any pictures at all in this post, my efforts have not been in vain.


Day 14 Statistics

States: WY, ID, OR

Daily Miles: 544.6

Total Miles: 8713.3


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