The Great American Road Trip – Day 12

I am at a truck stop in Glendive, MT for the night. The temperature is a glorious 63 degrees, the sky is clear, and I am less than six hours from Yellowstone. This is the northernmost point of the trip.

I started the day by sleeping in for a full eight hours with no alarm for the first time in weeks. Of course, I’ve never actually awoken to my alarm on this trip, as I always somehow wake up about three to six minutes before it would’ve gone off.

My friend made French toast for breakfast and I decided that was a good reason to open my Vermont maple syrup. Then, after a relaxing morning, we went to the Caribbean barbecue restaurant in her little town.

I’ve had barbecue in Reno, Kansas City, Asheville, and probably other places I’m just not thinking of right now. Kansas City and Asheville remain my favorites, but the Caribbean style was quite unique and tasty. It also had some fun little features…


Before I left we climbed some stairs to the top of a little hill overlooking Stillwater, MN. It’s a nice riverside town. Wisconsin is on the other side of the river.


Then I drove across Minnesota and North Dakota, which is boring but a little better than Kansas. Or maybe I’ve been driving so long I’ve become desensitized to it.

I stopped in Bismarck for dinner at a restaurant/bar/arcade that is space alien themed. They have visually exciting decor which includes display cases containing space Legos and other toys and trinkets.


After dinner I continued to Montana, which is one of my favorite states, up there with Washington and Colorado. The eastern part is pretty in its own stark and lumpy way.


I cleaned the splattered remains of numerous insects off my windshield, poured in a third gallon of washer fluid, and wrote this post. I’m now going to fall asleep.

Day 12 Statistics

States: MN, ND, MT

Daily Miles: 657.3

Total Miles: 7686.5

Small insect lives tragically snuffed out on my windshield before their time: Gazillions


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