The Great American Road Trip – Day 10

I saw Canada today. I didn’t go there, just gazed lovingly at it from America.

This morning I ate breakfast at the hotel in Manchester, NH. I created a bagel sandwich with two packets of cream cheese, some egg, and several thin slices of bacon. I also had some Fruit Loops mixed with crispy rice cereal and chocolate soy milk. And I took four little boxes of cereal for the road. I’m such a child when it comes to free food.

While I ate, I sat near a TV and listened to the news. My favorite story was “man crashes motorcycle into a bear on Father’s Day”. Oh, New Hampshire. You are a lovely place.

In Vermont I got some pure maple candy and syrup, and enjoyed the former in small nibbles for several miles. When I get home I shall make pancakes and put the syrup to use.

After that was a long drive across New York State to Buffalo and Niagara Falls.



I didn’t spend long at the falls, just enough time to experience the crazy wind and mist, take pictures, and acquire squashed pennies. Then I went to a Buffalo wings place and devoured eleven spicy wings. I even ate the carrots and celery that came with them, not because I care about being healthy but because I was hungry and they made handy dipping instruments for the delicious blue cheese sauce.

Another long drive after dinner got me west of Cleveland, so I don’t have to go through there in the morning. Also, I was waiting for the temperature to drop enough that I can actually sleep in my truck. It’s just now getting there at 1:30 a.m.

Tomorrow is the big day, in which one of the main purposes of this journey is fulfilled. Michigan will be my 48th state.

Day 10 Statistics

States: NH, VT, NY, PA, OH

Daily Miles: 766.4

Total Miles: 6220.4

Adorable tiny cereal boxes stolen from hotels: 4


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