The Great American Road Trip – Day 8

Because I was up so late last night, I slept soundly until nine a.m. today, and got to Washington DC just after ten as originally planned. I found a parking spot not far from the Capitol building and then walked in the other direction.

My first stop was the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, where I acquired squashed penny souvenirs, pictures, and tried out a flight simulator that could turn over completely, which I did twice.


I dropped by the main visitor center for the Smithsonian Institution and got a couple more squashed pennies, then finished my tour of the area.





The Philadelphia Mint was unfortunately cut from my itinerary by the relentless force of bad drivers. When I started driving again I thought I would make it, but soon traffic built up to a point where it was impossible to reach the mint before it closed. Instead, I got a much-needed oil change in Deleware.

That also means I haven’t visited Pennsylvania yet, but I’ll get it on Monday after dropping by Niagara Falls.

I think I have a new list-topping bad thing. There are blisters on my feet and they’re turning out to be more annoying than the intense anxiety and depression caused by forgetting my medication. I’ve never driven quite this far without working cruise control…actually I’ve never driven this far, period. My previous longest road trip was about 4500 miles in seven days, but with a four day break in the middle for a total of eleven days. I’ve now driven more than 5000 miles in eight days.

My truck also developed its second suspicious noise of the trip, being a high pitched pulsing squeal when the clutch was engaged. It went away when I pushed down the pedal. Sounds bad, but really that means the throwout bearing is still good and was simply squeaking against the clutch fork, and a couple squirts of lubricant made it stop.

Speaking of lubricant and stopping, I’m on Staten Island for the night and need to wrap this up so I can sleep and awaken early to take the ferry to Manhattan.

Day 8 Statistics

States: VA, MD, DE, NJ, NY

Daily Miles: 297.9

Total Miles: 5075.3


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