The Great American Road Trip – Day 7

I’ve passed the halfway point of my trip. The worst things that have happened to me so far, in order of ascending badness, are: farts, stinky feet, sore shoulders, and forgetting to take my medication this morning.

Since I stayed with a friend north of Atlanta last night, the shortest route to Asheville no longer went through South Carolina. I visited SC in August 2014, so I took the shorter route and bypassed it today.

In Asheville I had some delicious barbecue. While I was waiting for the restaurant to open, I walked down to the nearby river and found a green caterpillar making a perilous trek down a tree.


My next stop was Johnson City, TN, to meet a friend I’ve known for years yet never met in person. We have now met in person.

After sadly moving on from a wonderful visit, I drove up to Harlan, KY. There wasn’t much to see or do, but it was a pretty drive.


I left Harlan alive and headed for Lynchburg, VA. Rather than taking the shortest route, I swung through the southern end of West Virginia. I was there for just a few minutes and then a tunnel took me back to Normal Virginia.


In Lynchburg I met another longtime friend for the first time. At nearly midnight I hit the road again and for reasons I’m not really sure about, I continued for another 130 miles. I finally stopped after two a.m. about an hour south of Washington DC in a tiny town called Opal.

Day 7 Statistics

States: GA, NC, TN, VA, KY, WV

Daily Miles: 811

Total Miles: 4777.3


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