The Great American Road Trip – Day 4

Today, for the sixth time (I think), I drove through Kansas on I-70. Today, for the sixth time, it annoyed me.

I actually enjoyed my 829-mile Sunday, during which I traversed northern Nevada, Utah, and into Colorado. That drive was full of mountains and canyons, and the Arches National Park.

The nearly 600 mile drive from Colorado Springs to Kansas City is boring because Kansas is literally flatter than a pancake. If you had a Kansas-sized pancake, it would be a quite mountainous land.

Driving through Kansas is so boring that aside from pictures of several friends I met up with, I took only one single picture of an eastern Colorado road early in the morning.

In happier news, I dropped by the writer’s workshop I haven’t missed since it started in 2010…until now. At the last winter workshop I was one of five people remaining who had been to every single one, so it was sad to not participate for the first time. However, I can no longer participate as a student; my future with writing lies in actually working to publish some stuff and gather an audience.

So I stopped to see friends, the real reason for driving this way, and got Kansas City barbecue with one of them, and then went to a bar to meet another. I had Blue Moon at the bar, because it was a bar.

I have stopped for the night in Lenexa, which is actually in Kansas unlike Kansas City. There is a small Kansas City that’s actually in Kansas, but the large city everyone knows as Kansas City is actually in Missouri. I am not there. I may be there briefly tomorrow, before I head south.

Day 4 Statistics

States: CO, KS

Daily Miles: 601.3

Total Miles: 2498.9


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