The Great American Road Trip – Day 1

The first day of my trip went quite well. I left Washington just before seven a.m. and my first stop was a spectacular place near Redmond, OR called Smith Rock State Park. Behold the majesty:


That is just one of many pictures I took there. At the end of the trip I’ll choose my best pictures to upload on Flickr.

After stopping by a wonderful coffee shop in Redmond for a mocha and a scone, I set out for a spontaneous stop at Lava Beds National Monument, which I spotted on my map while looking at the drive to Reno, NV. The Lava Beds place turned out to be well worth the extra forty miles, with messy volcanic rock everywhere and some fantastic lava tubes.




The next leg of my journey was a nonstop 250 miles to Reno. I passed the time by listening to episode after episode of the strange and hilarious podcast Welcome to Night Vale. I went through twenty episodes today and still have nearly eighty more downloaded on my phone, not to mention other podcasts, French CDs, the BBC radio drama of Good Omens, and some twelve days worth of music. I think I’ll be good for the next fourteen days of driving.

Now I am at a truck stop in a small Nevada town called Lovelock, and the sun has just set. Goodnight, and I’ll report back tomorrow evening.

Day 1 Statistics

States: WA, OR, CA, NV

Daily Miles: 691.8

Total Miles: 691.8


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