Franklin Graham and God in Government

pledge of allegiance

The pledge of allegiance was originally written by a socialist without the words “under god”. He was also a Baptist preacher and advocated free public education.

Dear Mr. Graham,

If your god wants to be part of this nation’s government, he should run for office. Electing Christian politicians isn’t “putting god back in government”, it’s putting humans in government who claim to speak for god. As we all know, many who supposedly speak for god say completely different things. There is no objective way to test their claims and determine which of them is right, because their beliefs are protected by the power of unfalsifiability…which simply means there’s no way to figure out if they’re true or not.

The fact that there are so many contradictory religious beliefs that all claim to be the absolute truth is precisely why people like Thomas Jefferson so strongly opposed any attempt to put god into American government in the first place. As a result, Jefferson’s political opponents called him an infidel and convinced a lot of religious Americans that he would confiscate their bibles if he was elected president. Of course that didn’t happen, because religious fear-mongering is rarely based on reality.

If you value your freedom, you should keep your beliefs away from government. If you make laws that privilege one religion, you will invariably oppress people who hold incompatible beliefs. As soon as a state imposes the dogma of one religion on everyone, it sets a precedent for doing the same with any other religion, which in the past has often led to violence. The only way for your arrogant and hateful religion to coexist with all the other arrogant and hateful religions is if none of them have any power over the others. Thus, a secular government that is impartial toward all religions is your best hope for eliminating religious persecution.

You are free to live and vote as you like; don’t jeopardize that freedom by taking it away from other people. You’ll only breed resentment and give them reasons to oppress you if they’re ever in the position to do so. The rest of us have no obligation to live by your archaic rules, so until your god comes to America and runs for office himself, he will remain irrelevant to the function of government.


Mason Lynch

P.S. I hear you said something like, “secularism and communism, there’s no difference.” Such a statement shows appalling ignorance of either secularism, communism, or both. It’s sad that you’ve gotten so far through life without knowing the definitions of such common words, but perhaps I can help.

Secularism is, in the political sense, the idea that public aspects of society like government should not be controlled, defined, or affected by any religion, much like you shouldn’t hold a business meeting to discuss your wife’s sexual preferences with your coworkers. Some things just don’t mix well. As for communism, it’s a philosophy that proposes the elimination of social classes, money, and the state in favor of a self-governing community that shares ownership of its wealth among all citizens.

Secularism and communism are completely separate; one deals with the relationship of religion to government, while the other has nothing to do with religion and advocates getting rid of government entirely. The only thing they have in common is the twisted, self-serving caricatures you’ve created of them in your mind.

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