Fuel Injected Freedom: The 12 Cars of 2015

Miatas are so adorable

Miatas are so adorable

The year is coming to an end, and what a great year it has been. Back in May (or earlier) I imagined keeping up my average of one new car per month, not thinking that I’d actually do it. But I did. I’ve acquired twelve cars total this year, and currently have five which is a new record.

Yes, five cars at once is a little excessive, which is why two are for sale. Or rather, the Volvo wagon is for sale, and the Miata is sort of for sale but I’m not telling anyone yet because I like it and I want to keep it until we get some warm and sunny weather.

Here’s the list of cars I acquired in 2015:

  • 1/13 – 1999 BMW 540i (bought as a daily driver, fixed it up and sold to buy the Golf)
  • 3/6 – 1987 Porsche 924S (got in trade for my old VW Rabbit Convertible, traded for the Chevy)
  • 3/7 – 1983 Porsche 944 (bought as a parts car, dismantled, and scrapped)
  • 4/19 – 1986 Volkswagen Golf (bought for daily driving, traded for the 944 Turbo)
  • 4/22 – 1985 Chevrolet Sprint (got in part trade for the BMW, sold to my brother)
  • 7/18 – 1988 Porsche 924S (bought as a parts car, dismantled, and scrapped)
  • 8/1 – 1990 Chevrolet 2500 (got in trade for the 1987 924S, traded for the Tacoma)
  • 8/16 – 1998 Toyota Tacoma 4×4 (got in trade for the Chevy, still using as a daily driver)
  • 9/8 – 1981 Porsche 924 (bought to turn into a track car)
  • 10/26 – 1987 Porsche 944 Turbo (got in trade for the Golf, traded for the Miata and Volvo)
  • 12/11 – 2001 Volvo V40 wagon (got in trade for the 944 Turbo)
  • 12/11 – 1996 Mazda Miata (got in trade for the 944 Turbo)

That’s three cars bought for driving, two bought for parts, and seven acquired through trading. I lost money on some, earned money on others. Overall, I just had a lot of fun. There are many cars I want to experience, so there will be plenty more to come. I’ll probably slow down, though. Twelve cars in a year is a bit much. I’m going to focus on finishing my projects before I start looking for another interesting vehicle. The 924 track car isn’t yet running, and needs some bodywork, plus there are numerous performance and safety upgrades in the plans. The 924S is getting a more powerful engine and new paint. The Tacoma still has a persistent exhaust leak. Dammit, Tacoma.

What’s coming up in 2016? In the summer I plan to finally go on a massive road trip around the contiguous 48 states. The route will take me through 38-40 separate states in two weeks, and when it’s done I’ll have been to every state except Alaska and Hawaii (which my brother and I plan to visit after he graduates college). Since neither my truck nor my 924S are good vehicles for such a road trip, I’m going to get an interesting car that’s more suitable. I’ll be blogging about the trip, so if you want to make any vehicle suggestions, here are the criteria:

  • It must have a manual transmission or I’ll get way too bored and probably fall asleep and die.
  • It must have enough space for me to comfortably sleep in the back, because I’m not paying for two weeks of hotels or messing around with a tent.
  • It must have working and reliable cruise control so my right leg doesn’t fall off.
  • It must have decent fuel mileage (hopefully 30+ highway mpg) because this trip is over 8,000 miles.

Currently the only vehicle I’m seriously considering is a diesel VW wagon. An old VW hippie van is appealing but I’m afraid those may not have cruise control, plus they’re kind of expensive.

Finally, here is a collage of all twelve cars of 2015, because why not. After looking through all my pictures, I know what I need next. I need a yellow car.

Car Collage


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