Misplaced Priorities of Republican Christianity

JesusFor several decades, the Republican party in America has become increasingly entwined with conservative forms of Christianity. Both are corrupt, but it’s hard to say which one corrupted the other. Some Christians (according to a PPP poll, at least 57% of them) want to make Christianity the official national religion and institute their opinions as law, and the GOP gives them a way to do that. On the other side, the GOP panders to the significant portion of America that claims Christianity, as that’s where their votes come from. Perhaps this is typical of a two-party system; the party and the voters develop a symbiotic relationship for their mutual benefit…and screw everyone else.

In order to get the religious voters riled up, the people in power merely have to sensationalize an issue on which their followers will agree. Media and politicians help to manufacture “culture wars”, and the people follow right along, teaching it as pastors, regurgitating what they heard from their pastor, latching onto minor issues so strongly that they divide us into two factions that cannot work together on anything. And then for the politicians it becomes a game of appeasing enough voters on their side to keep the majority.

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Fuel Injected Freedom: RACECAR!

924 01

Sad little car with silly little headlights.

A week ago I brought home another Porsche. I know, let’s not talk about my addiction this time. I have been suitably rebuked by my friend who saves his money in…well, money form, rather than vehicular form.

This one is a 1981 924, the lighter and weaker predecessor to my 924S. I got it for $400 with a kind of messed-up interior, front end damage, and a dismantled engine.

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Personal Religion in Public Office

Kentucky woman disapproves of your life choices

Kentucky woman disapproves of your lifestyle choices

By now most everyone has probably heard about the county clerk in Kentucky who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. As these things tend to do, it has split the country into two angry factions. The people on her side whine about the loss of “religious freedom”. I say that’s rubbish; religious freedom has never extended as far as to give you the freedom to oppress others. That would be Christian privilege and abuse of power.

This is not a question of freedom for the clerk, whose position as an elected official requires her to follow the laws of the country. We could argue all day about whether or not private business owners should be able to discriminate against people because of their religious beliefs, but when it comes to government, the matter is totally clear. If we are going to uphold any sort of genuine religious freedom, then people who want to discriminate do not belong in government positions.

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