The Righteous Sinner

People were made to be you?

People were made to be ruled? I don’t think so.

Ever feel bad about all the evil things you do? Well, I’ve got a cure that will make you feel better about yourself after just one heated argument! All you need to do is learn the Righteous Sinner approach.

See, if you’re a typical Christian, you likely believe that Jesus died to forgive your sins, and that you should stop sinning, or at least sin less than you used to (because sinning only once a week is totally more righteous than sinning once a day). But you probably also believe that it’s impossible to stop sinning in this world, and perhaps your self-esteem is painfully low because you know that you do all sorts of bad things.

First, find someone who sins differently from you. Gay people are a popular target because they tend to be nice people. They’re a lot more likely to be murdered than to commit murder, so you can feel safe while making them feel angry and worthless and afraid for their lives. Launch into a judgmental sermon about how evil they are because of their sin.

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Heart, Mind, and Will

Neither do you, Mr. Brain, your injuries are just less visible

Neither do you, Mr. Brain, your injuries are just less visible

The phrase “follow your heart” may seem empty and trite, a hippie platitude that people use as an excuse or meaningless encouragement. But is there any truth to it? That would depend on what you mean by “heart”.

Aside from the hollow muscular organ that keeps you alive, there are a few meanings for the word. It can be a central part of something, such as an artichoke heart, or a vital piece of a whole. In terms of personality, though, the heart is usually associated with empathy. It seems to refer to the concept of a subconscious core in which love, courage, and other positive attributes are founded.

Often we contrast the heart against the mind, as if you have to choose to go with one or the other. But I think there are three factors at work, and they all go together.

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