The Liebster Award; or, I’m a Bad Blogger

The beautiful Porsche 993

The beautiful Porsche 993

A lunar piece of footwear nominated me for this thing called the Liebster Award. I’m supposed to answer some questions and then nominate ten bloggers with under 200 followers. The problem is that I don’t really read blogs, aside from a few who have more followers than that. Which, I think, makes me a bad blogger. Good bloggers read each other’s blogs.

However, I appreciate the nomination so I shall at least answer the questions asked by shoeonthemoon.

1: What is your current dream car?

My dream car has always been the Porsche 911, specifically the 993 model made from 1993 to 1998. Unlike many dream cars, it’s relatively attainable, currently at under $50,000 for a nice one. However, I’ll take any 911, and that’s actually one of my short-term goals.

2: What movie genre is your favorite?

Whatever genre Ben Stiller’s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is.

3: Tell us the best memory of your childhood.

It’s difficult to choose, but I would probably have to say it is the memories of days and days spent outside in the wilderness around our house with my brothers. We had great adventures, fought bad guys, died many times, fell out of trees, made silly movies, and much more.

4: What do you think is the best thing about you?

The best thing about me can also be the worst thing about me. Being autistic gives me an unusual perspective and the ability to quickly learn anything I want, except social interaction. Much like the excessive consumption of alcohol, it makes me feel great, and then awful, and then great again, and then awful again…

5: Do you think aliens exist? Do you want them to?

I think it’s possible that they do, and it would be really awesome to make contact and get a Star Trek thing going. What I really want, though, is faster-than-light travel so we can explore other worlds throughout the universe, whether or not we find alien life.

6: What blog post of your own is your favorite so far?

I have a problem with favorites. I have such eclectic interests and taste that picking my favorite of many things is like picking a favorite cheesecake out of a row of twelve identical ones. However, there are a few posts that come to mind when I think of what I would send to people who are interested in reading my blog, and I think I can narrow it down to the top two. Creating Our Own Worlds, and When Love is Hate. But now I’m having second thoughts because there are several more that I also really like. I think one of my favorite sentences I’ve written on here is “farewell, small mechanical lagomorph”.

7: What is the last thing you Googled?

I’m trying to figure out how to use web crawling in VB.Net on the FedEx package tracking site…I’ve got it working great for UPS and Seko, but FedEx uses what appears to be an embedded Javascript app to display the data, so even if I get the source code for the page, I can’t extract the data I need from it.

8: Name five things you couldn’t live without.

I think anyone could answer number one…my loyal old Porsche, of course. For two, I think I’ll group all the essentials of life into one item: food, water, a place to sleep, money…I was going to say clothes, but I could be quite happy without those as long as I lived in a warm enough place. I’m quite literal so I feel like I need to include life essentials on the list, but I also want plenty of space for the non-essential things that I “couldn’t live without”. So, my piano is next, and then my computers. Finally…probably the medication that has made it possible for me to actually get things done and feel positive emotions.

9: Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

I am one hundred percent introvert. Not one piece of me is extroverted.

10: When was the last time you went on vacation? Where did you go?

It was the very end of December 2014, through the beginning of January 2015. I went to Kansas City, Missouri. I know, it’s an odd place for a vacation, but it was a writer’s workshop and retreat with a few dozen of my best friends in the world, so the location hardly matters.


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