Fuel Injected Freedom: Goodbye, Volkswagen

It's not your fault, little car, I just have commitment issues

It’s not your fault, little car, I just have commitment issues

This little blue machine was the quirkiest car I’ve ever owned. For several months last summer it served my brother and me well, taking us reliably to work, the beach, up and down mountains, and many other places. Despite having about as much power as a few dozen sickly old horses, rattles and squeaks and weird smells, and wipers that took several minutes to “warm up” and start moving fast enough to clear the rain off the windshield, it was a lot of fun to drive. I always looked back at it fondly after parking, a look normally reserved for my Porsches.

After making many improvements to it, learning about the engine, and being pleasantly surprised at how simple and cheap it is to work on, I have now passed it along to the next owner. As you might expect given my life with cars so far, instead of owning one less car, I actually now own one more than I did before. I traded the Rabbit for another Porsche, and then the very next day I bought a cheap Porsche parts car. I’ve now owned sixteen vehicles, including five Porsche 944’s.

Yes, it’s only March and I’ve already acquired three cars in 2015. I know I have a problem, we’ve been over this.

The last time I had four vehicles was a little over a year ago, when I had a truck and three Porsches.

A truck, a running 944, a 944 for parts, and my loyal old 924S

A truck, a running 944, a 944 for parts, and my loyal old 924S

I had three running vehicles then; now I technically have four but the new parts car has transmission issues. The funny thing, though, is that all three Porsches I have now are the same color. Two of them are the exact same year and model, and the third has the same basic engine. For quite a while, I’ve wanted to get another 924S, and it finally happened.

I have no idea what my neighbors are thinking

I have no idea what my neighbors are thinking

Of course, I don’t really have any need for two basically identical cars. But having owned one for seven years, I’m quite familiar with them, so I’m enjoying the process of fixing various issues the new one has. When it’s ready, I will probably sell it to a friend, or another enthusiast who will take care of it instead of letting it sit unloved like previous owners did. Hopefully then I will come to my senses and put the money in savings, instead of buying another car right away.

My goal for this year is to own my first Porsche 911, but for that I need money, instead of a fleet of four cheaper German cars that I’m always tempted to keep improving because old cars usually have problems.

Little Volkswagen, I will miss you, but it was time to move on. However, you will remain in my memory, alongside my old 928 and my first 944, as a fantastic car that I enjoyed very much.

Farewell, small mechanical lagomorph

Farewell, small mechanical lagomorph


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