Attack of the Evil Liberal Genitalia

"I did not mean that Conservatives are generally stupid; I meant, that stupid persons are generally Conservative. I believe that to be so obvious and undeniable a fact that I hardly think any hon. Gentleman will question it." - John Stuart Mill

“I did not mean that Conservatives are generally stupid; I meant, that stupid persons are generally Conservative. I believe that to be so obvious and undeniable a fact that I hardly think any hon. Gentleman will question it.” – John Stuart Mill (Well I can’t really put a picture of liberal genitalia in this article, can I?)

In his new capacity as Chief Conservative Ranter on the nasty ad-ridden site The Blaze, Matt Walsh continues to occasionally say true things while still being very wrong. I’m not even sure what’s more annoying, his words, or the ads that plague the website like internet herpes.

Just like when he wrote about a lesbian couple who sued Christians, he looks at the actions of a few liberals and then somehow reaches the conclusion that they perfectly represent all of them. He could just as easily apply his fallacy of composition to pop singers instead of liberals, but since he already has what seems like a compulsive fear and hatred of liberals, he jumps at a chance to attack them all at once.

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Knowledge vs. the Truth

Pretty images, even irrelevant ones, make everything better

Pretty images, even irrelevant ones, make everything better

I like to divide knowledge into two distinct categories. The problem is that these categories can overlap, and the shifting gray area between them is where ideas of truth, proof, and logic become difficult to handle.

My first category is concrete knowledge. This is objective fact, things that can be empirically proven, at least as far as anything can possibly be proven. An example from this category would be the statement “the earth is round.” In order to determine that the earth is round, you can perform tests to gain results from external sources of data.

The second category is what I would call logical knowledge, ideas that are founded on subjective reasoning rather than external data. If someone says “there is a god”, they are making a statement based heavily on reasoning within their own mind, since you can’t go stick scientific instruments in a supernatural being and produce data that shows its existence. They may base the idea on external data, such as the bible, but they can’t measure God. There are no tests you can perform to validate the claim.

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The Liebster Award; or, I’m a Bad Blogger

The beautiful Porsche 993

The beautiful Porsche 993

A lunar piece of footwear nominated me for this thing called the Liebster Award. I’m supposed to answer some questions and then nominate ten bloggers with under 200 followers. The problem is that I don’t really read blogs, aside from a few who have more followers than that. Which, I think, makes me a bad blogger. Good bloggers read each other’s blogs.

However, I appreciate the nomination so I shall at least answer the questions asked by shoeonthemoon.

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Fuel Injected Freedom: Goodbye, Volkswagen

It's not your fault, little car, I just have commitment issues

It’s not your fault, little car, I just have commitment issues

This little blue machine was the quirkiest car I’ve ever owned. For several months last summer it served my brother and me well, taking us reliably to work, the beach, up and down mountains, and many other places. Despite having about as much power as a few dozen sickly old horses, rattles and squeaks and weird smells, and wipers that took several minutes to “warm up” and start moving fast enough to clear the rain off the windshield, it was a lot of fun to drive. I always looked back at it fondly after parking, a look normally reserved for my Porsches.

After making many improvements to it, learning about the engine, and being pleasantly surprised at how simple and cheap it is to work on, I have now passed it along to the next owner. As you might expect given my life with cars so far, instead of owning one less car, I actually now own one more than I did before. I traded the Rabbit for another Porsche, and then the very next day I bought a cheap Porsche parts car. I’ve now owned sixteen vehicles, including five Porsche 944’s.

Yes, it’s only March and I’ve already acquired three cars in 2015. I know I have a problem, we’ve been over this.

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Gender Identity and CAIS

Look, it's the transgender X chromosome!

Look, it’s the transgender X chromosome!

Recently a business called Planet Fitness hit the news after banning a woman who complained about a trans woman in the locker room. As you might expect, this prompted a scathing rant by Matt Walsh. It seems that Christian business owners are the only ones who should be allowed to turn away customers based on beliefs. If there is backlash against a Christian denying service to a gay couple, it’s persecution. But if Christians insult and attack other business owners for turning away customers based on beliefs…well, that’s just the way things should be. One could get the idea that if given the chance, these Christians would persecute LGBT people and allies just as much as they claim to be persecuted by liberals.

The woman who complained stated that if she knew about the gym’s policy on gender identity, she wouldn’t have signed up. It sounds like everyone got what they wanted. However, in the fantasy world concocted by the minds of Matt Walsh and people who agree with him, hell is where people who disagree with conservative Christians are allowed to live and run their businesses according to their beliefs. His nightmarish society is one where people he thinks are evil can do what they like as long as they don’t hurt anyone…kind of like he has the freedom to write and publish hateful insanity.

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