Update on Alecia Faith Pennington

faithUPDATE, 11/5/2015 – Faith has triggered a new law in Texas, through her testimony and the help of a state representative, and she now has a birth certificate!

A lot has happened in the last couple days, since I posted my friend’s video regarding her difficult situation. She is nearing a million views on that video, her story has been picked up by a lot of news outlets, and a lawyer has agreed to take the case pro bono.

Faith has asked that people not post demeaning comments about her parents. She says, “Even though I do not agree with them on many things, I would like their reputation to be protected as much as possible.”

Her parents have posted responses, deleted them, hidden blog posts, put them back, contradicted themselves and each other, but I believe they really don’t know how to handle this sudden publicity. They’re deleting comments from their Facebook page that disagree with them, and blocking people (like me). It’s damage control, and I think they’re scrambling to protect their reputations.

James (her father) made this video in response. To me it sounds very forced and unnatural, and he ignores most of the big issues, seeming to think that this is all about getting her a driver’s license, not the fact that she has no evidence of even being an American citizen.

But as much as I disagree with their ideas and methods and just about everything they do, this whole thing is all about helping Faith, not about tearing down her parents. Her father has agreed to cooperate, and give her whatever information she needs, sign any documents that he needs to sign. I’m sure this is a result of the pressure that comes from being part of a viral story, but at least he is helping her now.

Her parents are not horrible people. It’s true they have some major flaws, but they do love their children and I’m sure they believe in what they are doing, however self-absorbed they may be at times. Let’s hope that this event shows them where they can improve, and that they will get proper documentation for their other children.

Let’s also hope that Faith’s massive publicity will lead to this particular issue getting more attention in general, because it’s more common than most people think. I can’t count how many people have responded saying that they have been or know somebody who has been in the same sort of situation. The lack of identifying documents for children among extreme anti-government fundamentalists is a serious problem and there should be legal systems in place to deal with cases like Faith’s.

I am proud of how mature and consistent she has been through everything. Despite being angry about her situation, she has never publicly attacked her parents, or tried to ruin their reputation. Honestly she has been more gracious and mature than I have, considering that I got myself into some minor flame wars in her YouTube comments and traded insults with both people I kind of know and with strangers. While I know the truth of the situation and I was technically in the right, I’m not proud of my slip into meanspirited name-calling. A longstanding hatred of disgusting YouTube commenters allowed me to fall into that without really realizing.

I intend to do better in the future.

If you have any questions about the situation, feel free to ask me. You can also keep up with Faith’s updates by following her Facebook page, Help Me Prove It.

My sincere thanks to everyone who has supported her, and apologies to anyone I have offended while arguing.


2 responses to “Update on Alecia Faith Pennington

  1. I’m glad she was able to get a lawyer. The catch 22 with ID that she is in absolutely requires one. I guess a real estate lawyer is a starting point. This case will create a second category for him along with real estate.


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