National Cultures's awesome

Diversity…it’s awesome

My ancestors, who I actually know about, were 1) German immigrants who came to America in the 1800’s to escape wars, 2) Polish immigrants who came to America in the 1800’s to escape wars, and 3) Native Americans who got massacred by “America” in wars (and also not in wars).

I hate this obsession some people have with making immigrants and their descendants conform to “American culture”. Speak English or leave, they say. As if this isn’t a country where people are free to speak whatever language they want.

In fact, America has no official language. Nearly half of the states themselves have no official language either, while Alaska and Hawaii have more than one. I only speak English myself, but I want to learn other languages. I think they are fascinating.

I also enjoy music, art, and food from around the world, and I love how readily available it all is right here in my hometown. A narrow-minded insistence on making immigrants leave behind their own cultures and conform to ours is simply selfish, and goes against the whole point of America’s founding. It is abject denial of the fact that American culture is hardly more than a patchwork of hundreds of others. You’ll also miss out on a lot of fantastic things.

If you feel a need to argue against the freedom of immigrants to keep things from their own culture when moving to America, I will bury you in bratwurst, sauerkraut, Porsches, and music by Chopin, while shouting “ich liebe dich!”. That is my culture and my heritage, and it’s pretty damn awesome.

Or perhaps I could send you articles about the genocide of Native Americans.


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