National Cultures's awesome

Diversity…it’s awesome

My ancestors, who I actually know about, were 1) German immigrants who came to America in the 1800’s to escape wars, 2) Polish immigrants who came to America in the 1800’s to escape wars, and 3) Native Americans who got massacred by “America” in wars (and also not in wars).

I hate this obsession some people have with making immigrants and their descendants conform to “American culture”. Speak English or leave, they say. As if this isn’t a country where people are free to speak whatever language they want.

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Who You Should Marry

The ceremony and rings are optional, so this stock photo isn't here to make a point, it's just here to look pretty

The ceremony and rings are optional, so this stock photo isn’t here to make a point, it’s just here to look pretty

There have been some articles such as 10 Women Christian Men Should Not Marry, which basically give a list of certain beliefs and character flaws that are supposed to disqualify someone from being considered for marriage. But that’s kind of negative, don’t you think? Why not write an article about who you should marry? Some people have already written great satirical responses, and I can’t resist adding my voice.

A person’s positive traits should stand out above the negative. If you’re focusing on reasons to not associate with people (whether dating, marriage, or just friendship), you will inevitably find things to dislike about them. And people who do that are the ones who, in my experience, destroy relationships and add a whole lot more misery to the world. Most problems that people consider incompatibility are no more than annoyances that should be insignificant if you actually love the person. So what if one of you likes planning out the future six months in advance, and the other likes taking life as it comes? The one who likes planning can plan all they want, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not like one of you is experiencing life six months in the future. You both live in the present.

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The Fascinating Human Body

Now this is sexy

This has little to do with the article but damn he’s sexy

Trending news headline: Model dons bathing suit for photo shoot on hotel balcony.

Why should I care about this? Why is it even popular?

I saw this headline trending on Facebook and hours passed before I realized the reason is probably people wanting to see the pictures. This is how un-stereotypically-masculine I am.

I mean sure, I can appreciate a beautiful person. Face, body, clothed, unclothed, all pretty much the same to me. (And the conservatives stuck in antiquated views of gender say “Liar!”)

I looked up the headline and there wasn’t much to it. A few words that can be summed up as “look at this famous person wearing a small amount of fabric”, and then a bunch of pictures of the lady standing in contorted poses. It was about as exciting as an illustrated article about the forehead wrinkles of a septuagenarian.

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An Argument I See Too Often

I'm right, therefore you're wrong!

I’m right, therefore you’re wrong!

Muslim Terrorists: (murder mostly other Muslims and some Christians along the way)

Peaceful Muslims: (get killed, ban support of the extremists in the most Muslim country on earth, write letters to the extremists that are signed by major Islamic leaders from dozens of countries, live their whole lives not doing violent terrorist things)

Conservative Christian: Look at these violent Muslims murdering people for simply being Christian! Where are all the peaceful Muslims? They need to stand up against the violence and make it obvious that they don’t approve, or they should all be suspected of secretly being terrorists. They need to deal with this problem in their religion. The terrorists are representing Islam better than the quiet peaceful Muslims.

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God, Thermodynamics, and Hell

If the article is boring, just stare at this picture for a while instead

If the article is boring, just stare at this picture for a while instead

I wonder what happens if you consider the concepts of a god and the Christian religion using the most simple and straightforward logic you can.

I also wonder if it’s possible to do such a thing without using any flawed logic at all. Because logic is a tricky thing. It isn’t flawed in itself, but it’s almost impossible to use perfectly with a limited mind. A moron may present what, to him, is the most brilliantly perfect argument he’s ever heard, and a genius may look at it and immediately see an obvious gaping hole.

You have to wonder what our most intelligent arguments would look like to someone who would make the greatest human genius look like a moron.

But perhaps we don’t need such intelligence to use solid logic…perhaps we have something to learn from the moron, however flawed he may be. Perhaps the best argument is the most simple, something that a genius sees no holes in, and yet a moron can understand.

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Why Killing People is Not Okay

Everyone will end up like this someday, but you don't have to help them along

Everyone will end up like this someday, but you don’t have to help them along

I shouldn’t have to put those six words in that order. Seriously, why do I even have to write this article? Don’t people know? Isn’t it obvious that killing is not okay?

While I am somewhat of a pacifist, I do recognize that there are rare cases in which someone might need to be killed in order to protect others. If a man is standing in the middle of a mall with two machine guns, spraying bullets in every direction, he may need to be shot to be stopped, and he may die from being shot.

That’s not nearly the sort of situation people have been justifying, though. We’ve all heard about John Crawford III, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and Christopher Roupe. Or perhaps you haven’t, which is okay. I’ll still be here after you do some research.

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