Sex Ed and Teen Pregnancy

Because sex is fun

Someone I know posted this on Facebook a while ago: By not talking about sex openly we basically push children into becoming sex consumers and making unwise decisions which result in addiction. The desire for knowledge unsatisfied results in the consumption of knowledge unrestrained.

What follows is a condensed version of the ensuing conversation, with quotes from people who disagreed. The only changes I’ve made to other people’s comments, besides removing unneeded statements for brevity, are corrections to grammar and spelling.

Does anyone deny that in this more “enlightened” time we have more promiscuity, debauchery and sexual deviancy as well as out and out sexual crimes than in the “old days” of modesty and decorum? If even more “openness and enlightenment” is practiced are you saying that that will be reversed?

Yes, I deny it. Mankind has always been doing those things. The “good old days” were a sham and the immorality was maybe hidden a little better, but it was there anyway. Hiding problems rarely fixes them.

Of course conservative history books rewrite history to glorify the past and demonize the present because liberals = the most evil thing ever. It becomes even more appalling when the past that they glorify as the greatest Christian society is the antebellum south. Rushdoony, anyone? Racism, support of slavery, etc. It’s insane.

Here’s the facts. In states with abstinence-only sex ed, like Texas, teenage pregnancy rates are much higher. It’s such a clear correlation that you have to wonder if maybe it’s a cause…and in fact, it appears that teenage pregnancy rates go down when sex ed becomes more than “don’t do it”.

So you’re telling me that in Texas the teen pregnancy rates are so much higher than they would be if they weren’t abstinence-only, and you intuitively know that how? That not only is it a probable cause but in fact it may even BE the cause. Wow, what an extrapolation of “facts”.  I’m glad you’re citing a communist “progressive” website to prove your point!

Intuitively? No. I’ve studied it. You can find the facts for yourself. Mississippi has the highest teen pregnancy rate. In fact the map of teen pregnancy by state has the highest rates in a clear belt across the “conservative south”. Coincidence? Of course not. You think you can reduce pregnancy by telling kids not to have sex? Most of them will anyway. And since, thanks to your method of education, a ridiculous percentage of them don’t even know what condoms are, they will get pregnant more often.

Glad to know you instantly insult and ignore anyone who might disagree with your dogmatic and factless beliefs. And please try to use “communist” correctly. It is not actually a term to describe anyone whose political beliefs are less conservative than yours are, despite what you might think.

I think God needs your help. I guess He was kinda silly in promoting abstinence before marriage…

That’s what we call a red herring. It has nothing to do with the point. Promote abstinence all you want. But you better also teach kids other things.

So we should teach them about condoms because we know that they’ll engage in promiscuity? That’s disgusting.

What’s the alternative? How do you propose to force them not to have sex?

Parental love eliminates the need for premarital intimacy.

In a broken world how do you propose to make sure every teen has the love they need? You can’t. You can’t make them stop having sex. The best thing you can do is teach them everything…abstinence is the best way, but if you do it, here is how to do it safely.

Sure, not doing anything active outdoors is a good way to not get a broken arm, but we don’t just teach people to not get broken arms, we also teach people how to deal with broken arms. Because it happens.

Teenagers will have sex. So teach them what they need to know, whether or not you think they should have sex.

Actually we usually teach doctors how to deal with broken arms…

Please note that doctors fall into the category of “people”. We also teach people to call a doctor if they have a broken arm.

Modern schools that teach about sex being okay, “do it but use protection”, is where I’ve seen many other non-conservative friends get into a lot of trouble. It’s these kids who brag about who they did on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. So I don’t believe sex ed is good.

Abstinence only education makes up a full 23 percent of sex ed. It’s not “do sex, but do it right.”

Well, in New Hampshire/New England it is “do sex” from people I know.

Yet somehow New Hampshire has the lowest teen pregnancy rate. 28 per 1,000, vs 74-80 per 1,000 for Mississippi, Texas, and other southern states that mostly use abstinence only sex ed.

But those don’t factor in how many pregnancies are ended due to abortions, which are also taught in sex ed. “If you screw up, just get an abortion, there are risks, but so is taking care of a child.” Also coming from an old acquaintance.

Yes they do. I said pregnancy rates. Not birth rates. Two totally different statistics.

Are these documented through Planned Parenthood? Because there are “secret” abortions, as well.

No. It has nothing to do with abortion. Pregnancy rates. The rate at which teen girls get pregnant.

It does, though. If there are many abortions done in secret, and pregnancies not noted, it will affect the general statistics.

So tell me how we can know that there are more secret abortions by population in New Hampshire than in Mississippi? Sure, the statistics will miss some people, but if we’re going by state, the population involved should be big enough that the difference in percentage of people who aren’t counted in the statistics should be negligible.

In fact, for New Hampshire to even approach the teen pregnancy rate of Mississippi, at least 65% of all teen pregnancies in New Hampshire would have to end in a ‘secret abortion.’ Very, very not likely.

Teen pregnancy rates over the last 25 years have dropped around 50%, while teen sexual activity hasn’t really changed. What has changed? They’re using preventative measures. Effective sex ed = kids using birth control = less teen pregnancy = fewer abortions.

Personally, I don’t think they should be encouraged with birth control anyway, because that encourages sex before marriage.

Does encouraging people who don’t yet have driver’s licenses to wear seat belts if they drive encourage driving without a license?

I rest my case. Comprehensive sex ed is important and needed.


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