Conservative Delusions, Propaganda, and Bad Journalism

chickFilASince a great majority of my friends are conservative religious folks, and somehow strangely gullible, I witness the sharing and applauding of a lot of inaccurate and even satirical articles as truth. I try to let them down gently by providing actual sources with the truth of things. Then occasionally there’s an article that is factually correct but heaps a bunch of opinionated claims on top of it in order to turn it into an attack on their opponents.

The Conservative Tribune, a highly unreliable source of “news” that cites itself as the source in most cases where it actually links to something else, published this article two days ago…about an event that happened almost a year ago. They don’t actually publish news, they just write about anything they can that will give them a foundation from which to attack liberals.

For the most part, the article is factually correct. Liberal media does sometimes portray companies that are run by Christians as the opponents of certain civil rights, who intend to force others to live according to their values. Because they are and they do. What’s insane about this article, though, is the claim that the media was strangely silent last winter when these events happened. Anyone with a basic understanding of how to search for things on Google would be able to find dozens of articles like this one from major media sources.

Perhaps since a year has passed, the writer thinks they can get away with lying; perhaps they think nobody will remember the mainstream media reporting on the events. But I do quite clearly. They propose that it wasn’t covered because mainstream media only picks stories where they can make Christians look hateful, or because they don’t want to place Chick-fil-a in a positive light. But neither of those are true, and it’s obvious that they are not true, so the speculation is revealed as propaganda–and really poorly done propaganda at that. If you want to further your cause through propaganda, at least use truth, or things that aren’t easily proven false.

The differences between the articles I linked to, aside from one being by the “evil liberal media”, are numerous. The conservative one brings up an event of a year ago as an excuse to bash the liberal media for something they didn’t do. Their article from a year ago also used the event to take a shot at liberals. The NBC article, however, makes no mention of conservatives or Christianity. It simply reported what happened.

The conservative articles only mention Chick-fil-a, and fail to mention the many other businesses, including the much-hated liberal Home Depot, who offered similar assistance to stranded people. Perhaps doing so would hurt their case that Chick-fil-a is only awesome because they’re run by Christians. The “liberal” article mentions both the conservative and liberal businesses without bias.

Of course, all media in general has issues with bias, and for the most part they go after stories that have the highest shock value. But at least some of the mainstream sources are capable of reporting news without using it to bash conservatives. These sites that employ hack writers and print a lot of fear-mongering and liberal-bashing articles need to be ignored, no matter what “side” you take.

I like Chick-fil-a. I don’t agree with the owners, but I appreciate their ethics and willingness to help people. And hey, here’s something about them the conservative media will never report, unless they decide to totally turn around and condemn the company they formerly hailed as so wonderful and steadfast. Because, at least for these propaganda sites, liberals must be fought and defeated at any cost; there can be no compromise or working together. So we keep going back and forth, with hardline liberals accusing all conservatives of wanting to oppress their rights, and stubborn conservatives doing the same to all liberals.

However, it is possible to be liberal, and disagree with people like Dan Cathy, without always portraying them as hateful and divisive. It’s still possible to appreciate their good qualities. If only these militant conservatives could realize the opposite is also true. The demonizing of liberals and LGBT people that is so pervasive is the exact sort of bias and bullying that they always accuse us of.


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