Child Abuse for God

Stop hurting the most vulnerable and helpless people

Stop hurting the most vulnerable and helpless people

There has been some objection to my statement in The Persecution Complex that child abuse in the name of Christianity is widespread. But in fact, religion is the motivation or justification for a lot of abuse, enough that people have done studies on it.

I’m not here to analyze exactly how widespread or common it is, or give you precise numbers so you can compare them to incidence in other religions or non-religious groups. I’m here to talk about the reality of what is happening, the reality that supposedly Christian people everywhere do, in fact, sometimes abuse children in various ways and justify it or cover it up with their religion.

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Taking a Break to Laugh


I have strange and wonderful conversations with this one friend

Now and then it’s good to take a break from more serious conversation and just laugh. And there is a lot to laugh about. Recently I was on a road trip, texting a friend with the help of Siri’s dictation services, and he asked about the scenery. I said “It’s mostly just fog and trees”, but Siri thought I said “It’s mostly just fucking trees.”

I tried several times to get Siri to correctly transcribe “fog”, but she couldn’t handle it so I ended up saying “It’s mostly just trees…and clouds that are on the ground.”

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Battle of the Cakes

That's quite enough fighting over dessert foods, dear.

“That’s quite enough fighting over dessert foods, dear.”

Bakeries, wedding cakes, Christians, and gay people. What do these have in common? They’re all involved in a pissing match over legal reasons to decline someone the service that you offer through your business.

I brought this up in one of my early articles, where I supported the rights of both sides. Of course I also think it is pointless and kind of mean to deny service to someone solely because you don’t like how they live their life. But the ethics of denying service can wait for another time.

Today I learned that some Christians decided to prove that gay people are just as intolerant by asking gay bakers to make a cake with the words gay marriage is wrong on it.

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The Persecution Complex

Christians practice their right to burn Harry Potter books

Persecuted Christians practice their right to burn Harry Potter books…no word on what the fandom did to them in retaliation, but we assume it was ghastly

Ever wonder if you’re actually right about what you believe? Well I have got a cure for your doubt! Just convince yourself that anyone who disagrees is really out to get you and obliterate everything you stand for and destroy your country via the least realistic method possible. It’s called…the Persecution Complex!

To start with, assume that anyone disagreeing with you is attacking your beliefs. Observe this quote from someone who has it down perfectly:People just HATE hearing the truth. It’s time for those of us with beliefs to really stand up for what we believe in. The people who have no beliefs seem to have the loudest and most obnoxious voices.”

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Creating Our Own Worlds

mumfordSometimes I wonder how anything is actually good or beautiful. When life is a long process of dying, and so much of it is painful, little pleasures like enjoying a fine wine or buying a new Porsche seem like momentary distractions.

We create movies and novels and music and artwork, and then we argue about which ones are good and which ones aren’t. In a way, it seems pointless. What really makes a piece of art good?

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Sex Ed and Teen Pregnancy

Because sex is fun

Someone I know posted this on Facebook a while ago: By not talking about sex openly we basically push children into becoming sex consumers and making unwise decisions which result in addiction. The desire for knowledge unsatisfied results in the consumption of knowledge unrestrained.

What follows is a condensed version of the ensuing conversation, with quotes from people who disagreed. The only changes I’ve made to other people’s comments, besides removing unneeded statements for brevity, are corrections to grammar and spelling.

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Leaving the Blandwagon of Conservative Modesty

emma watson

Emma Watson being fabulous

Traditional conservative modesty is all about reducing sex appeal. Somehow, wearing clothing that obscures your natural body shape is supposed to prevent people from inappropriately desiring you. This is the sort of thinking that leads people to ask what rape victims were wearing, even though the answer is quite often “something you would consider totally modest”. The attire of the victim has nothing to do with being raped; rape is not simply out-of-control lust.

Furthermore, out-of-control lust is not simply about seeing too much skin or clothes that are too tight. But we’re ahead of ourselves…what does modesty really mean?

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