An Honest Reading of the Bible: The Positive

Bible-in-lightLast week I covered every possible negative reference to same-sex relations in the Bible that I know of. Nobody has challenged me with any other passages yet. Today, I will analyze possible positive references.

Please keep in mind that these articles aren’t necessarily presenting anything as the correct interpretation, only a possible interpretation from an honest reading, one that isn’t affected by a subjective view based on the modern world. My intent is to prove that Christians can read the Bible honestly, without twisting anything, and come to the conclusion that same-sex relationships and marriage, at the very least, are morally fine. This is not intended to change the minds of people who think it is wrong, only to show that there’s no need to attack or condemn anyone who thinks it isn’t wrong. And that those who see nothing wrong with it are not necessarily “deceived” or “twisting the Bible” or “anti-God”.

Also, you cannot assume the following passages could not possibly be about gay people, simply because “the Bible condemns gayness”, because that would be basing your interpretation on an assumption that may not be true. Your opponents do not believe that the Bible condemns it, thus the argument means nothing to them.

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An Honest Reading of the Bible

I’ve been getting some really good article fodder recently. Today it came in the form of some absolute statements from someone who obviously believes they cannot possibly be wrong about this subject.

First statement: There is no denying the disgusting aspects of homosexual sex.

Okay. Why don’t you ask a gay person if they deny it? If they do, then your statement is untrue…unless you were trying to say that people who agree with me cannot deny how disgusting it is. That’s the only way your statement could make any sense, but then it’s sort of stating the obvious.

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Logic Leads You Astray

“What did you just say?”

The Bible is not always logical and logic very often leads us astray… Many things in the Christian faith are based on FAITH – with no observable fact. That is why logic falls seriously short in interpreting the Bible. Logic is always flawed.

This self-defeating argument in favor of blind faith was given to me in response to my statement that Christians are told to submit their useless intelligence to what everyone else says that the Bible says that God says. Don’t reach for your own logical conclusions, I said with sarcasm. Don’t question what you’ve been taught. Don’t challenge 2,000 years of church history…if a lot of people believe something for long enough, apparently it becomes true.

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Why Does Unnatural = Bad?

black swans

These are gay swans

It’s a popular and easy argument. You deem a thing unnatural, and therefore bad. But why is unnatural bad? We do have at least a slight negative reaction to the word. Let’s analyze what it really means.

For something to be unnatural, it must go contrary to the ordinary course of nature. But what is nature? One meaning of nature is anything not human or created by humans. Thus we ourselves and everything we do is unnatural.

However, when speaking of human behavior, what is natural can’t be referring to things that aren’t human. In this case we are using a different definition, the basic inherent features of something. The things that characterize or define it.

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The Will of Chaos


I don’t know what this is but it looks cool and chaotic

Every now and then I come across something that reminds me of why I’m more of a deist now than a traditional Christian, and this story is one of those things. It makes me angry. So does this one.

Sure, I’ve heard all the arguments, about how we can’t understand God, how he works everything out for good. How in order to remain the most powerful being in existence, God must micro-manage every single event that ever happens. It doesn’t make sense. But sure, believe what you like.

And then God’s supposed “will” is used as an excuse for blatant stupidity and negligence, and that’s going too far. If your God is one who meticulously plans the horrific and painful details of the deaths of millions of innocent children, he is not a God I can accept as good and perfect. If your God states that his will is to save everyone, and he gets to choose who to save, and then he sends most humans to eternal torment because they can’t possibly do what he demands–that is nothing short of sadistic and insane.

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Invisible Children

fading girl

I tried to find a picture of an invisible person but this is as close as I could get

Why does a group so obsessed with “spreading the truth” perpetuate so much falsehood? Perhaps a single-minded devotion to principles devised by flawed humans results in automatic dismissal of anything that doesn’t fit in. Even if presented with strong logical evidence that they’re wrong, people who are fixated on absolute truth seem more likely to cling to falsehoods.

I know a lot of people who fall into the typical “conservative Christian” group, including several fundamentalists. Popular ideas about LGBT people include:

  • They were sexually abused as children and grew up somehow confused into loving the wrong gender
  • They are products of liberal brainwashing–whether from parents or public school or TV or my blog or whatever evil thing spreads support for LGBT rights
  • Their much higher incidence of depression and suicide is caused by being encouraged to embrace who they are (because that would be embracing evil!)
  • Anyone who claims to have been gay and to now be “healed” is perfect proof that it’s a choice

But there is a major truth that this whole group is in denial about. Among their own children are plenty of LGBT people who weren’t sexually abused, who were sheltered from the world (i.e. from “liberals”)–sometimes to the extent that they don’t even know what their feelings are. Imagine the confusion of growing up a boy who is attracted to boys, when you’ve only ever been taught that boys are naturally attracted to girls.

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