Why Mental Illness Doesn’t Matter

f9f1860336e659c5f19f6d3a1ab6fac3I tend to get sick less often than most people around me. Mostly it’s because they aren’t actually around me much. I’m quite an antisocial hermit–I will spend days on end without leaving my bedroom for anything other than food or using the bathroom.

Turns out being a hermit is a really good way to stay healthy. If we ignore mental health, of course, which doesn’t really matter.

Wait, why doesn’t mental illness matter?

We all know socializing skill matters more than feelings. What you do and how you interact with people matters more than who you are; your facade is more important than your heart. Pretending to be mentally healthy and learning how to survive in debilitating environments is more important than being honest and emotionally open.

Mental illness isn’t contagious. Nobody cares if you’re alone in the corner, because it doesn’t affect them. They care when you’re coughing and sneezing everywhere.

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The Dance of Opposing Rights


This is the end result of ideological wars…your brain turns into an atomic bomb

For many people, it seems that the definition of living in peace with others is “it happens when all my enemies are dead.”

The intense push for conformity disturbs me. I see diversity as a good thing, even a necessary thing for the continued survival of humankind. Of course, continued survival is not what many of these people are concerned with. Their religions or beliefs teach them that the only thing that matters is making other people believe the same as them.

The rift between Judaism/Christianity and Islam is possibly the biggest and most ancient ideological war. Lately I’ve been seeing Christians stooping to the level of radical Islam, calling for the complete destruction of their enemies.

I don’t think that will help. Dropping bombs on foreign civilians generally tends to anger them. You’re talking about either genocide or inciting more and more war, because don’t think that they’ll just give up trying to destroy America after we’ve killed hundreds of thousands of their people.

Claiming to follow Christianity and advocating war in which most deaths are innocent civilians would, I believe, be considered hypocrisy. Christianity teaches peace…not just hoping it happens but striving for it. Not only are you supposed to live in peace as much as possible, but you are supposed to put a lot of effort into it.

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Words, Unfinished

tumblr_ljv80yjnmx1qe2divo1_500This is half a story. I’m not sure where the other half got to, or if there ever was another half. I’ve been searching for it, in all the cracks and dusty holes, behind mountains and among the stars. There’s been no finding yet.

I live here alone, and words are my home. The words are my bed, and my warmth, and my light. I trip over them in the morning; I weave them together in the evening. Sometimes I share, but words are delicate things, and many careless tongues have left them broken.

These words are barely five minutes old, and I’m sharing them because I’ve kept them to myself for too long. The sharing should have been sooner, I know. From the first day my destiny was always a half story, never more or less. And here I am, wishing there was another half; and there you are, wishing my half story had been at least closer to three-quarters.

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Chemical Paranoia

Stereotypical chemical stuff

It may just be that I’m surrounded by weird people, but there seems to be a growing paranoia about chemicals, “unnatural” things, and science in general. People who freak out because their ice cream happens to contain a compound that contains an element that is used in antifreeze. Guess what, that water you drink all the time? It contains an element that is used to blow things up. Hydrogen is extremely volatile…until you connect it to oxygen in just the right way.

This fundamental misunderstanding of basic chemistry is evident in many fraudulent or just plain deceptive articles I’ve read. These people seem to think that the definition of a chemical is “some unnatural substance created by scientists, that you should definitely not ingest”, as in Don’t drink the city water, it’s loaded with chemicals. But water itself is a chemical.

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When Love is Hate

lgbt_taoism_s_yin_and_yang_by_lovemystarfire-d7dz4j0There’s a new fad these days…or maybe it’s not so new. It was mentioned thousands of years ago in the Christian bible–people who call good evil, and call evil good. Now it’s your love is actually hate, and my hate is actually love.

Is this how you want to justify your words and actions that are pushing more and more people away from your religion, closer to suicide, and generally in any direction other than the one you want them to go?

Is this how you win an ideological war…by slandering people who believe a bit differently?

A wonderful man named John Pavlovitz wrote an article about how he loves his children. His message can be boiled down to this: If his children are gay, he won’t keep it a secret as if he’s ashamed of them. He won’t treat them like sick and evil people who need to be fixed any more than anyone else does. He will love them deeply for the entirety of who they are, not despite or because of their differences.

Nowhere in his article did he say he would encourage them to have homosexual sex. He never says in the article that he will support and agree with any decisions his children make. But that is exactly the claim of some people who think This Pastor Hates His Children.

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