“My Rights” and the people who act like spoiled children about it

50189984_angry_childAlmost everyone is being immature about this and I’m sitting here on the sidelines wondering when they will all realize that the fighting is pointless.

Matt Walsh wrote yet another article on his Blog of Wondrous Drivel that takes the selfish pettiness of a few individual people and paints it across the entirety of the group they claim to belong to, like a child smearing poop all over a bathroom.

To sum it up, a lesbian couple in New York threw an immature fit by suing a Catholic couple for refusing to host their wedding. The state ruled against the Catholics and fined them $13,000 for their act of “discrimination.”

So then Matt Walsh figured this was a good opportunity to talk about how we’re losing all our rights because nobody is willing to stand up against those people (being the liberals and/or anyone who is in favor of gay marriage.)

The assumption here seems to be that anyone who supports gay marriage also supports the abuse of Christian business owners who deny services to gay people. Walsh tries to discredit any good motives that pro-gay people have ever claimed with a few cases where extremists have won lawsuits.

Of course, there are other cases where the Christian businesses have won, but those don’t matter to the fear-mongering, doom-of-liberty heralding crowd of…whoever is like Matt Walsh.

I don’t really understand why, but it’s apparently a lot of fun to demonize a huge portion of the population based on the actions of a few selfish people. If I were to apply this approach, I would come to the conclusion that all conservative Christians are selfish and condescending distributors of hate and fear-mongering. I would also come to the same conclusion about liberals as Matt Walsh does.

However, I despise this approach for obvious reasons. There are plenty of good conservative Christians who don’t get so uptight about providing services to gay people. And there are plenty of good liberals who would use common sense and just find someone else to bake their gay marriage cake.

These days, it seems like most people on both sides believe the twisted straw-man caricature of The Others that their heroes erect for them. While many will live in relative peace and disagree with treating their opposition badly, they still accept and pass on the unfair generalizations.

Now, I understand that some Christians feel it is their duty to deny wedding services to gay and lesbian couples. And it is true that they have the right to do so. At the same time, those gay and lesbian couples have the right to sue the Christians.

Of course, just because you have the right to do something doesn’t mean you should do it. Frivolous lawsuits need to be stomped out—this is a problem with the legal system. This isn’t something they should win. It should’ve been thrown out immediately, and the people involved should have been told to grow up and settle their differences like adults.

I’m in full support of legalizing gay marriage and giving it the same treatment as traditional marriage. I’m also in full support of the right of business owners to deny service for whatever reason…it’s their business and their loss.

But I think it’s dumb for the gay people to sue business owners for denying service, and I also think it’s dumb for the business owners to deny service. If you offer a service, and the only reason you can come up with for denying someone is “my religion says what you’re doing is bad”, then get over it and provide the service you offer. I don’t see Christian restaurant owners denying food to obese people, and yet that is every bit as much “participating in a sinful lifestyle”, according to their religion, as selling a wedding cake to a pair of lesbians.

So let’s all grow up, eh? Accept that people disagree with you, forget about how disgusting you think they are, and treat them as you would your favorite customer or client because it’s the decent and loving thing to do. And for heaven’s sake, stop spreading stupid false generalizations about the people you disagree with.


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