Raging Insanity

ID-10089830It appears that some people become so enraged by the fact that not everyone agrees with them, that they lose control of their reasoning skills and walk about spewing ludicrous rants. I understand the urge—right now I’m trying to calm myself so I can retain my ability to think clearly. Hopefully this doesn’t become a ludicrous rant.

To start with, we have a few gems of hatefulness. Not quite insane…in fact this person appears to be frighteningly in control of their mind. I say it is frightening because someone who believes this with the approval of their conscience and logic can do a whole lot more damage than a madman.

First quote: Gays are gross and don’t count as humans and should be put down.

Okay, maybe this is insanity. I can’t tell. A person could reach this conclusion by logical means, much as people have argued against the humanity of Africans. A cold, heartless form of logic.

When asked if he was joking, he said ‘kinda’. In other words, not really but he doesn’t want to be caught admitting to the desire to have a large number of people killed, because that’s the sort of thing a tyrannical dictator or a serial killer would say. It also qualifies as hate speech, which can put you in hot water especially if someone can find evidence that you intend to act upon those desires and potentially harm someone.

As elaboration on ‘kinda’: I just deeply loathe gays. They’re the scum and scrapings of humanity. If I found out my best friend who saved my life was a gay, I doubt I’d speak to him again. Now maybe it’s partly because they’re my gender; I don’t hate lesbians quite as much, but gays are definitely my least favorite, most hated, and most despised people.

Wow. Feelings so intense that you have to use hated and despised in the same sentence to describe them. I’m feeling a bit threatened.

What have gays ever done to him? Here’s his answer: They exist.

These people deserve to be hated for existing? At risk of bringing Godwin’s Law crashing down on me…there was a German guy who said similar things about Jews…

When asked for a better excuse: Well there’s certainly stuff in the Bible talking about how despicable they are, and it’s just…disgusting…I mean just thinking about it sickens me. Gays are just trash.

Okay, time out…

I’ve got nothing. Nobody is garbage, dude. Not even you, though you’re pushing the limits.

When asked how he would feel if someone told him that they hate him, and found him disgusting for loving a woman and should be killed: Hah. I’d know I’m totally in the right. Gays, however, aren’t.

Right. Because other people’s opinions and beliefs are worthless unless they’re the same as yours. I’m not presuming to know what he is thinking, but I get an impression that he might actually be delighted to hear that the suicide rate among gay people is far higher than the general population.

I’m not going to linger any more on this human, or describe him or insult him any further…I think there’s enough hate in this article already thanks to his own words. I would rather not hate him, so I will move on and take my bleeding soul with me.

Before I talk about the high incidence of suicide among gay people, let’s analyze an article that’s a bit more on the funny side. This is where we find a bit more insanity…I mean, what else do you call it when someone writes 878 words of almost unintelligible ‘prophecy’ that is supposed to be the words of God? Seriously, the almost-pretentious and thoroughly hilarious piece of writing includes this line: I bake the bread of life within thee. Behold, it is hot. I turn the temperature dial to hotter. Behold, it is rising. Behold, the dough. Thou art my doughboy.

If you want to read the whole thing, you can find it here.

The author of that delightful bit of comedy, Bert Farias, recently wrote a slightly less funny article called The Raw, Naked Truth About Homosexuality. As you might expect, it is not truth. Raw and naked, perhaps, but there’s enough wackiness in the article that I don’t know how anyone could take it seriously.

To start with, the author says that he has a “responsibility to speak the truth in love.” He says “If you will listen long enough, you will see that I am actually trying to help you.”

Because his words speak for themselves, and they don’t speak love. So he has to add a disclaimer to basically say “I’m not actually saying what it sounds like I’m saying.”

Which I can understand. Everyone struggles with implied meanings now and then. For example, the very next sentence of the article refers to a “wonderful godly Christian couple who have had to die a thousand deaths when their son recently arrived home from college and admitted to them that he was practicing a homosexual lifestyle.”

Those awful gay people, stabbing their parents in the back by making their own decisions and living their own lives. The poor parents! Yes, the rest of the paragraph can basically be summed up as a pity party for parents who feel the need to actively oppose their own son for believing differently than they do.

The author goes on to say the typical things about how unnatural homosexuality is (he apparently has not met dolphins…or thousands of other species of animal that naturally exhibit homosexual behavior…). He claims that the Bible, with two sentences, sweeps away every argument, excuse, and reasoning in favor of “unnatural sexual activity.”

It’s conservative business as usual in the next paragraph, where being gay is a choice just like choosing to commit adultery. This guy can’t seem to comprehend that “being gay” has nothing to do with choosing to have sex with other people of the same gender, because he repeatedly tries to draw a comparison between gay people and adulterers. Apparently merely being attracted to someone of the same gender is just like a married guy cheating on his wife.

The really crazy part starts about the middle of the article: Here’s the raw, naked truth: Homosexuality is actually a demon spirit. It is such a putrid-smelling demon that other demons don’t even like to hang around it. A genuine prophet of God told me that the Lord allowed him to smell this demon spirit, and he got sick to his stomach.

So wait. If sins are caused by demons, does that mean homosexual people don’t commit other sins because those other demons think they’re too disgusting to be around?

You know you’ve stooped to an unloving low when you imply that homosexuals are more disgusting than most demons. But it gets even better…

Pigs. Somehow he managed to talk about pigs in an article about demons and homosexuality. How do they fit? Well, there’s this one story where Jesus casts out demons, and they ask to be sent into a herd of pigs instead of banished to oblivion. So he lets them go into the pigs, and immediately the pigs run down a hill into the sea and drown themselves. Therefore, we can conclude that pigs have more moral sense than homosexual people…because at least they “would rather die than be possessed with demons.”

Just…stop. Please.

He doesn’t stop. A condescending schooling “in Basic Sex 101” teaches us that “if being gay was natural, two men or two women could produce a baby.” I don’t know what logic is required to reach that conclusion, but can I just say…if heterosexual sex is natural, then ninety-year-old couples could produce a baby.

Wait. Why are we implying that anyone who can’t produce a baby is unnatural? That’s the obvious conclusion, look:

If gay is natural, man + man could make baby

But man + man can’t

Therefore gay is not natural

This establishes a basic way to tell if sex is natural…whether or not it can produce a baby. The missing steps in the progression of logic are:

Making babies is natural

Sex is only for making babies

Therefore sex that doesn’t make babies is unnatural

Oh dear. That’s a fallacy. We have to assert that making babies is the only natural thing you can do for the conclusion to be valid. In which case we can say that anything that doesn’t make babies is unnatural.

Psst. Hugs are unnatural.

But really, there are plenty of unnatural things that are fine and even helpful. Refrigerators are very unnatural, but they reduced sickness a lot by keeping food from spoiling so fast.

I think that’s enough for now. Dear author of the article I just commented on…I’m laughing at you, but as a writer I have a great responsibility before my audience to provide interesting content. If you read this, I hope you won’t take it as unloving or hateful. After all, I didn’t imply that you have less sense than a pig. I think you have far more sense than pigs. Just not quite as much sense as you would need to write a decent article.

Perhaps I don’t have that much sense either. But I do what I can to raise people’s spirits instead of telling them how disgusting they are. I hope, if you read this, that you find it entertaining.

And if you don’t…if you think it hurts to be criticized for doing what you feel you must do, or even who you are (God’s doughboy, really?)…welcome to the club. T-shirts are $19.99 and we have support group on Thursday evenings.

As fun as it is to joke, these people weren’t joking when they said gays are disgusting, and have less sense than pigs. I guess that’s where we differ, my raging insane friends. I don’t really think you’re rage-filled insane people. That’s a joke. You are dedicated to your cause…good, so am I. People should know where they stand.

But people should not insist in all seriousness that their opponents are disgusting stupid creatures, more putrid than pigs, who should be killed.

That’s just mean.

And this is why LGBT people commit suicide far, far more often than the general population. Honestly, we don’t fit in this world—there is no place for us, and that is your fault. When we try to make a place for ourselves, because heaven knows you aren’t going to help, we’re likened to a steamroller that will literally crush everyone else until we get our way.

I’m sorry, I just don’t see it. I don’t see how my right to kiss and live with…whoever…affects you. Because you don’t even know me. Remain in your part of the world and don’t make a huge fuss, and I’ll remain in mine without making a huge fuss. And we’ll never know the other exists, let alone who they’re sharing a bed with.

Of course, you have every right to make a fuss about it and express your opinion loudly. Just don’t complain when we express loudly right back at you. Especially when your words verge on bullying. I draw the line at insults and hate speech.

Peace to you, my friends. I hope we can really find peace, and really be friends. It’s so much better than hate.


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