Obsessed With Love

I love youPeople like me are often accused of being obsessed with love and tolerance. As if that’s a bad thing. In fact, one comment I failed to make in my last article is that Bert Farias, author of the article on homosexuality that I critiqued, seems to have a problem with love and tolerance. He claims to be speaking the ‘truth’ in an effort to help, and then goes on to say that homosexual people have less sense than pigs. Obviously he isn’t looking to go as far as loving gay people.

The comment that jumped out at me most clearly was this: We’ve got this whole thing muddled up because people don’t speak plainly and clearly anymore. They beat around the bush and are obsessed with political correctness and being loving and tolerant.

Let’s ignore political correctness for now because it has nothing to do with being loving and tolerant.

Perhaps the key word here is ‘obsessed’. It means to be preoccupied with or constantly worrying about something, often to a troubling extent.

But why shouldn’t these things trouble us? If the extent to which I am preoccupied with love is troubling, it’s because things are so bad that I need to be that preoccupied with it. Why shouldn’t we be preoccupied with love? I’m not sure, but Ted Dekker wrote an awesome novel about obsession called…Obsessed. The ultimate conclusion he makes is that love is the one thing we should be obsessed with.

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Raging Insanity

ID-10089830It appears that some people become so enraged by the fact that not everyone agrees with them, that they lose control of their reasoning skills and walk about spewing ludicrous rants. I understand the urge—right now I’m trying to calm myself so I can retain my ability to think clearly. Hopefully this doesn’t become a ludicrous rant.

To start with, we have a few gems of hatefulness. Not quite insane…in fact this person appears to be frighteningly in control of their mind. I say it is frightening because someone who believes this with the approval of their conscience and logic can do a whole lot more damage than a madman.

First quote: Gays are gross and don’t count as humans and should be put down.

Okay, maybe this is insanity. I can’t tell. A person could reach this conclusion by logical means, much as people have argued against the humanity of Africans. A cold, heartless form of logic.

When asked if he was joking, he said ‘kinda’. In other words, not really but he doesn’t want to be caught admitting to the desire to have a large number of people killed, because that’s the sort of thing a tyrannical dictator or a serial killer would say. It also qualifies as hate speech, which can put you in hot water especially if someone can find evidence that you intend to act upon those desires and potentially harm someone.

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